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You are afraid *I* will reproach *you* (or anyone else, for that matter) for lack of focus? Clearly we have not spent enough quality time together, for I am (in)famous for my inability to converse on a single topic for more than 43 seconds, never mind keep my house clean or follow a pattern. It is sheer fluke that I have only three projects on the needles as I write.

Beth S.

So that's Cable Weave? I do like that one (I like almost everything in that book, actually.)

I had no idea LL had her own book deal. That's the best news I've heard all day! I wonder if it's listed on Amazon yet? Off to check...


Focus be damned! Knitting is not brain surgery, and therefore can make silly faces at focus all it wants to.


Lovely. I lust after something in MM, only I can't decide on which color. One day it's periwinkle, then lupine catches my eye, then gentian, then elderberry...then...I stop. I plan on a field trip in the spring, just 'cuz.

Would appreciate your increase discussion. I sorely hate reinventing the wheel.


I've knit several of Lisa Lloyd sweaters and love all of them. Can't wait for her book!
Did you know that there's a great barbecue place just by the Green Mountain Spinnery? Curtis's Barbecue, I think it's called.

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