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Rachel H

can't type. repressing giggles. badly, I might add.


Hahahaha. I love this story and I can just picture you with that yellow tamobourine. Which is somehow reminding me of a yellow submarine. heh.


Well, you know, really, not to many people can MANAGE a tambourine injury, so this just goes to show that you're as unique as I thought! Happy new year . . . at least you had fun playing in the 2007!


what what what are you knitting?


A tambourine injury is a noble thing. And I could not have resisted grabbing the mike, so you're a stronger woman than I.

I'm also on a knitting-for-hire deadline ... one which I screwed up through a failure to read the contract clearly, which probably was predictable. Why should the new year be any different from the old?


Hey, I was wishing for a tambourine last night! Sounds like it turns out to be a good thing it was absent.

Happy new year!


Hey, man, I used to play the tambourine (quite fiercely I might add) in the church choir. Tambourine injuries are nothing to laugh at. ;-) Hope your hand feels better soon.


TOO funny. I'm as bad a person as Rachel H, I fear. The bad thing is the knitting limitation.


A tambourine injury? Now I have heard it all. Maybe you could take up one-handed crocheting... :-)


What a great title... Sorry for your wounds, but it sounds like you had fun acquiring them, which is an excellent portent for the coming year.


The Groove is in the that is a song that brings back some good memories! Sounds like your night was FUN inspite of the injury :-) LOL


Hee! And I thought I was the only one who could manage something like a tambourine injury! Sorry to hear of the bruising, but glad that you had a great time. Happy new year!


Oh, well done. That goes in the record books.
I have to admit that gravity was a little unpredictable this morning, but no knit preventing injuries that I've discovered so far.


That's a new one. May you heal quickly, and may the time off inspire you to new knitterly feats. (I suppose those injuries would cut down on the spinning, too. My sympathies.) Happy New Year!


Have a Happy New Year.. and what sounds like a well deserved rest from knitting. Very funny!


Next time just shake your groove thang, sister girl !

Beth S.

I dunno, Julia, I think I might *enjoy* hearing "Mustang Sally", especially if it were accompanied by that awesome new concertina of yours. ;-)

So glad you're feeling better! Happy new year--and hmm, how intriguing, we have all the same resolutions this year! (Great minds, etc.)


I wasn't aware of tambourine injuries. Is there a clinic for that?


"hey mr tambourine man, play a song for me..." comes to mind, and also trying to fit "yellow tambourine" into the lyrics of "yellow submarine". we all play the yellow tambourine, yellow tambourine... Maybe I should leave the music to you. :-)


Step away from the tambourine, ma'am.


Would I be channeling too much 12 year-old boy if I asked you to show us your boo-boos?


Wondering where did you get the pattern for Celtic Dreams sweater? I love the pattern! Definitely need to pick me up a copy. Thanks!



The title of this post was so compelling!


Well, I've heard of Champaine Cork injuries at New Years, but never one involving a Tambourine. Feel better and get back to that knitting.


You know you live a charmed existance, right? Hope you've healed by now.

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