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I love this story, the gift hinting games. Perhaps your mom trained you well to pick up her hints but now has to be trained to pick up yours?


Good story, my mom always asks me what I want and then says, "Oh, I don't know where to find that" and proceeds to get me what she wanted. My employer bought me my Knitpicks needles with they Holiday bonus gift card. I LOVE THEM.


i spend every waking moment either playing with yarn, talking about yarn, or wishing i were playing and talking about yarn, and yet! no one in my circle even thought of getting me a gift certificate to a yarn shop.



Almost everything I ever want as a gift must be ordered online (Knitpicks needles for example) so I rarely get the kind of things I really want unless I not only ASK for the item specifically, but also provide a direct link to the wish list/item for my "doesn't know his way around a computer" husband, or my terribly forgetful son.

I'm said to be very difficult to buy for, and I am, if the gift buyer doesn't think to, or want to, order online.

But I luv 'em anyway. ;-)


This gift hint thing seems rather perilous to me. What happens when you/they get the entirely wrong thing?


You should vet the supplementary 60 inch cord. then you cantry the whole thing on while it is on the needles. Though in the round that might be a tricky length...

Anyway it was your mom who failed the can plant the clues, but she has to harvest them.


I adore my Knitpicks needles. How did I ever knit anything decent without them before?


I still haven't decided whether I need a KnitPicks set in addition to my two sets of Denise needles...(not to mention the assorted Addis, straight needles, and DPN's.) Now I think I do -- but I can wait until my next birthday, and "hint" for them in the meantime!


This is just too funny. It's a well-written commentary on your parents that says volumes about them, even if it is just about bread machines and karaoke.


Then there was the year Miss B and I came home from MA S&W full of all the fun we'd had trying various spinning wheels. Guess what was under the tree the following Christmas? And I didn't even know I was hinting.

Everyone keeps raving about those needles, and I have a birthday coming up. Maybe I can pull this off.


Love, love, LOVE those needles. They're especially wonderful for lace.


My mom was similar, although she'd ask us what we'd like to have, then blow off what we told her and get something we'd mentioned in passing months before. It was always perfect and something we'd forgotten, but loved. It was a matter of honor for her that she rarely bought anything that was asked for, but everything was still just right.
With my dad, I'd rip out catalog pages, circle the item, size and color, and send them along. Most of the time I'd get the very item, still in its mailer.


i have the small sizes of those needles (the ones that do not detach from the cord) and i love them for fine, fine yarns. i don't know if i am going to get the big set, but one thing id for certain—hinting will not buy them for me! when i want something i have to say exactly what it is, provide a list of places to look for it, and if pssible, a web photo.
sorta ruins the surprise. it's much more fun to let david come up with his own surprises!


I started out with one set of tips and two sets of cables just to test drive them and recently ordered two more sets of tips and yet more cables. Love them. My index finger's suffering from all the jabbing, but I wouldn't trade their pointiness for anything. I'm also a fan of the handy holding case--very, very well thought out.

(I do poorly with hints, but that's because I used to have lots of really, really passive aggressive people in my life and it destroyed my tolerance for hinting. Which is a shame, because your parents' interplay sounds like a lot of fun.) t


Oh my gosh, the gift hinting was great! I enjoyed it immensely, and may try a version of it out over here. I'm pretty sure the husband wouldn't know what I'm doing, but it's not too late for the children to learn!


seems to me like you did just fine with your hints. I'd have gotten them. I think your mom's so used to giving them, she may not know when she gets them so well?


I too think your gift hinting is great!!! I haven't ordered the knitpicks needles, but want to try them! I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for the story. It gave me a smile.


I second the 60 inch cable vote, vetting and all.


My husband never picks up on subtle hints, and if I ever get not-so-subtle, he refuses to get it for me just because I'd KNOW. So, I've resorted to lists. Every holiday, I give him a list of things he can choose for me, long enough so I don't know exactly what he chooses. Very occasionally, he surprises me by getting something on my list that I never would have thought he'd get for me (a Golding for our anniversary:), or he'll get me something he remembered from a previous list. It works well for our house.

Glad you got your KP needles. I love my set!


My Fiance's family astounds me. Last year, since I was new to the family, they asked me to put together a Google wishlist. I did, and I got a lot of things that I put on it. This year they reminded me to update it. I did, with a lot of great knitting books, notes on yarn stores to which a gift certificate would be thrilling, and some great knitting toys.

They got me a Wii, well, us a Wii. Well, not a Wii, they couldn't find one, but a Wii box with the money to get a Wii. We're still looking for one, but I'm certainly not complaining. I'm a happy geek...

Maybe next year I'll get the Ashford... ;)


The story about your mom and dad and their hinting? Priceless.


Too funny about the hinting! Glad you are enjoying the needles, regardless. :0)


Aren't they wonderful? After knitpics replaced my faulty set,it has been clear sailing and I was just thanking my DH for them again today :-).

I've given up on the hint I write lists of exactly what I want...LOL


i put these on my wish list and my guy bought them for me for christmas...quite a surprise as he will not give his credit card info to anyone...he had a helper tho' one of my work buddies ordered them for him. i love them. i had been using denise interchaneables because of the little caps and the trying on factor but no more...these are to die for!

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