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Thumbless wonders! hehehe- yes very lame, I know!


How about Thumbbing your nose at these mittens??? I think not!


Thumbbody loves me nearly made me lose my coffee. OMG that was hilarious, and those are some beautiful mittens.
Maybe the knitter had a bad thumb experience, or really hates DPNs or something? Maybe she tried to knit that thumb ten times and gave it up. I dunno, I have had a toddler sweater knit and mostly sewed up for six months, but I got freaked out about sewing the sleeves into the body (like, maybe a monster will jump out and eat me if I get it wrong?) so there it sits, unfinished.

Tracy WW

Lucky you! They're gorgeous mittens.


Pretty! Do you know where the pattern came from?


I don't know.....Where is Thumbkin?, perhaps?
I'm one of those after-thumb knitters. Boredom? Insanity? I'm sure Thumbody can figure it out.


How about "Thumbs Up........Up and away!"
Maybe she didn't like the pattern design for the thumb, and was hoping inspiration would hit by the time she got the second one done?


Thumbless in Theattle?


I like Where is Thumbkin (go AmyH!). :)

I actually like the idea of not knitting the thumb until after both mitts are done. I may have to try that (says the girl who has a mess of single mitts and socks laying around the house as decoration).

Love the mitts!

[how's Celtic Dreams doing? ]


All Thumbs. The post is all about (the absence of) the thumbs.

They are gorgeous. Congratulations.

Caroline M

Can I admit that I knit the two thumbs last. I have this deep fear that I'll forget what to do so I knit the mitten bodies one after the other and then both thumbs. That way I get to the second hand whilst I remember the first one and the first thumb is fresh in my mind when I get to the second. That's the plan anyway.


ROFL - I save thumbs for last. So I don't have to remember where I twist the gap stitches and how many I cast on etc.

How about Hitchhiker Mitts ;)


Susan Moore

I vote for
Thumbless in Theattle?
You guys make my day

Beth S.

Those mittens... are extraordinary. The gauge must be extra fine (look at that urn, the curved lines are so beautifully rounded... that takes lotsa stitches, I think.) What a lucky duck you are!

(Er, is there yarn to finish the thumbs?... That might explain why the thumbs are missing--she ran out! In that case, not so lucky. ;-)

And I will occasionally save both thumbs for last when I'm knitting a pair of mittens. Thumbs can be tedious!


Wow, all that work and he or she only had about...what an hour? to complete the mittens. Oh, well, their loss, your gain.


It is peculiar indeed, the point at which one will wander away from a project. Half a sleeve. A button band, a collar. Two thumbs.
Human beings are weird.

But, you know, score.


As anal as I am about completing things, I think you'll be surprised to know that I save the thumbs until both mittens are done, too.


Thumbthing good for me?

I save the thumbs for last too - I usually wing-it with mittens and doing the two similar parts sequentially gives me a better shot at having somewhat symmetrical mittens. Plus, I don't really like doing the thumbs that much. They're a little awkward.


Q. What kind of knitter saves the thumbs for last?

A. One who ends up giving away a pair of thumbless mittens, of course!

I like those fabulous mittens by Anna Zilbourg, where the thumbs blend in to the cuffed make _those_ thumbs FIRST. So I make BOTH thumbs, right away, to get them over with, then you just add the thumbs into place when you get there. The rest of the mitten is a breeze, with the thumbs done!


Thumb-thing wicked this way comes...

Wicked in the local sense of "totally, gobsmackingly, ineffably cool," of course. Good Lady, those are gorgeous. I think I would love them even if they were puke-yellow and baby-poop-brown, but in those colors? Must go now, lest I drool on my desk in a most unprofessional manner.

Diane E.

I save thumbs till the end too. I don't really like the thumb part and the only thing that gets me to knit them is the fact , that very soon I'll have working mittens! Working on CD too, what's the deal with the skirt?


Wow they are beautiful!!! I can't understand why one would knit them that far and not finish the thumbs.? Lucky you that is for sure.


It matters not as they are beautiful...but please add thumbs thoon.


I can't add to what's been said. I also am curious as to pattern source. Quite lovely.


Being purple, they're obviously Little Jack Horner mittens.

How else could he put in his thumb and pull out a (purple) plum??? Hmmm???

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