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Having no experience, I can't give you the benefit of any. I can say it looks gorgeous so far. Is that any help? Thought not.


Test block? Sometimes that's the only way.


You didn't ask for my advice, but here it is nonetheless - I would put the thing on waste yarn and block it now.


I like June's solution.

I'm sorry that Walter still has some innings left to play in the family health issues. Hope things settle out well and soon.


Thinking of you. Can't offer anything up on the yarn, other than it looks fab.


I'm wearing my BWA sweater right now and I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but I'd say my sweater has either stayed the same or possibly shrunk a bit in length in the year I've been wearing it. But it's important to say that I do not attempt to stretch it when I wash & block it and my pattern is very different from yours. However, you will no doubt be glad to know that after a year of heavy wear and several washings, the yarn is holding up beautifully and the cables are as springy as ever.


This won't help you now, but I've had so many issues with gauge change after washing that I've now become over cautious and wash my yarn before I knit with it at all. I skein it using a niddy noddy, wash it, hang it to dry, and then reball it. Too many tears and wasted knitting hours otherwise.


good luck.
i always have the same row gauge woes.


Since everybody is about delurking recently,...hi. Looking forward to the summer interweave!


Did you wash your swatch? You could play with that first.

The Purloined Letter

I'm following in your footsteps and will be knitting Celtic Dreams this spring, I think. (Frantically taking notes here....) Looks gorgeous!

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