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Oh my god, would that not be amazing.....a little pass book where you could stamp each visit. more of a birdwatchers life list, or something.


What a wonderful shot! I love the bathroom door.


There are *couches*? Dang... what excuse can I make to drive all the way to Beverly?

Valerie in San Diego

Ahhh.. I'm so envious!


That's one I've been meaning to get to myself. Now it'd better live up to the hype! Brilliant idea of the passport!


Road trip! I'll definitely check it out!


I love to collect yarn of my local favorites in the SF Bay area is one that's in a really nice residential neighborhood in the hills; it's both a yarn shop and a ridiculously pretty house. I love the idea of a yarn store passport -- every store is its own little yarn fiefdom, in a way.


I think I feel a road trip coming on...

kathy in juneau

What a lovely post. Can you hear me sighing from way far away?


That looks like the most wonderful, inviting store in the world! Just the cozy couches alone...and did you say there are pots of tea? I'm green with envy from here in California. :)


that sounds heavenly, and just the soothing you needed after the tensions of last week.


Thank you for sharing this lovely looking shop with us, I added it to my to do list (boy, it's a long one,,, LOL)

If you collect yarn stores you better add to your list: Knti1 Bead 2 in Jerome, Arizona. It's webstie: doesn't show even a small portion of its magic.


Oh since I last checked, Erica added many more photos, so actually you can see much of the store in the more shop photos page, so you can have a virtual tour until you manage to get to the shop itself, have fun :)


Thanks! I am going to hit it next summer when we are on vacation up there.


Thank you! That looks like a fourteener I need.

Kathleen Fivel

You've let the secret out! Yarns in the Farms is exactly as you describe. It's even better if you come to one of the Knit Nights! Carolyn and Jill are wonderful. Hope to see you there soon. P.S. Love the passport (yarnpass?) idea!

Rachel H

So pretty. Happy sigh.


so of course the first thing I did after reading this post was mapquest it. From my house, Yarns in the Farms is only a little bit off the track to Spa. Hmmmm...

Mary K. Rockport

Oh, yes. Wait, there's a bathroom? Didn't know about that. You didn't mention the vast collection of knitting books and the cool buttons. Myself, I've been itching to try those felted window triangle thingies. Since my beloved local (Rockport) LYS closed recently, I've had to range further afield. Another place you might like is Cranberry Fiber Arts on 1A in Hamilton-Wenham - they've just greatly expanded the yarn department. A note to your readers: better phone Yarns in the Farms before you go because they have unusual opening times. And there's a sandwich place across the street......

Bookish Wendy

Holy cow, we have a crap load of knitting stores! It's hard to keep up with them. It also looks as though this one has a great class list. Do you know anyone who has taken them?


OH MY GOODNESS! that is the dream shop isn't it. Lucky me it's a combination of three of the shops near my home in Western Washington - Lucky you it's all rolled into one. I'll put it on my list of stores to visit next time I visit family in Massachusetts. My Mass Girlfriends are always up for a road trip especially if I knit them something. - :0) Happy Saturday, Kimberly

The Purloined Letter

What a lovely store! I love the idea of a LYS life list!


An ode to a yarn store. I love it. That's a store I would love to visit.


Tsk. You were here. I was here. But I was not there. Meet ya next time!


Love the passport idea! Looks like a magical place. :0)

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