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he is totally rockin' that sweater! I love it! :)


Yay that hubbie came home for a bit - I'm sure it was great for both of you to be together. And Skip! What a treasure! :0)


Skip looks MAHVELOUS in his sweater ... look at that happy grin!

That's the sort of happiness that can only come from a deep appreciation for handknits. And wine.


Skip looks like quite a catch!


single and he knits? Wha...


Now Skip is a real man!!! :) Love the fact that he appreciates the hand knits.


Does he need a Florida vacation? :)


That's some man. Sounds like a great catch!


I think Skip looks like trouble. The good and fun kind of trouble, but trouble! :)


Ah, if only I were 25 years younger... I'd be too young for Skip.


and where does this 'wonder" man live??? my, my he appears to be a catch and a half!!! I loves me a man with the white hair!!!


I don't think he'll be single much longer. So sorry to read about what's been going on -- I'm thinking of you.


Now that's my kind of man! Plus I have a thing for a full head of silver hair :)


And what a cutie, too. He looks like a fun guy. He's not going to be single long with advertising like that. Let's just hope that he doesn't get flooded with offers from too many crazy knit-loving cat ladies...


Looka that Silver Fox ! What a cutie.
O, to have a guy who wears something other tghan black and denim. Sigh ! I 'd reduce my stash in a hot minute !

The Purloined Letter

Even my knitting husband can't appreciate a good float!


Skip knows how to sport the handknits!


Now that guy sounds like a keeper! So terribly sorry to read about all you've guys have been going through. I really wasn't surprised to find out Baltar isn't a Cylon, though I'm guessing Gaeta might be one of the five. I haven't seen Sunday's episode yet! Can't wait to see your progress on Celtic Dreams.

Beth S.

It takes a real man to wear a sweater like that. :-)

You sound pretty good today. I'm glad.


Indeed as promised you did provide knitting content- a bit different from the usual knitting content, it comes with a matchmaker service! Cool!
I hope that other things in life are working out OK.


I had to forward your url to show off Skip! Good luck w/ your M and FIL. My mom's in FL (I'm in ME) and having some health issues. She has started to say she'd like to live with us (in a new to us bigger house with in-law set up), but the cold makes her issues so much worse. So I think in a few years I may be in the boat you're in.


Well, he's just precious! So, who knit him that lovely sweater, eh? Surely there is some unattached knitter out there looking for a sweater lover. After all, it's Valentine's Day.

Spinning Dervish

Going back to a previous post.... I have to share with you a story I heard this morning about 5 year olds and broccoli (on Minnesota Public Radio). This guy is doing research on eating habits and did some studies in daycares. He found one daycare where nearly all the kids stated that they loved broccoli. It turns out that there were two brothers there, whose mother (in an attempt to get them to eat broccoli) had told them that broccoli looks "just like little dinosaur trees." Evidently they shared this good news with all their buddies at daycare and now everyone likes to eat the "little dinosaur trees." I thought of you!


Hmm....he's single? Just when I'm
a) thinking of knitting my first sweater
b) pondering whether I truly want to knit Fair Isle
c) considering ditching MFMPPF for a more considerate version?

Don't suppose the Blue Ridge Mtns appeal to Skip?

So sorry to hear about your elder-parent issues, will keep everyone in my prayers!


Skip is a nice blog entry. Does he like angora?

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