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You can't argue with all that cabley beauty, you know!


I recently accquired a sweater's worth of Skye Tweed, and have been ogling this pattern. Seeing Cassie's in person has me dreaming of it now.


My CD had an incident with a sick cat this week and is currently taking a short vacation... hopefully I can pick it back up this weekend (and finish the body!).

I am thinking long and hard about the neckline though... I think I am going to deviate from the garter stitch! :)


I saw Indigo Di's this weekend and it is very nice! Great color :-)


It's real, it's real I swear I AM making one....I put it down temporarily to tackle a few other irresistible things but I'm going back, really I am! Just for that, I'll have to post my pathetic progress tomorrow...with pictures! ;)


Okay, okay. I'll get moving on it. I'll have to see if I can dig up the yarn.


Heh. I glimpsed Cassie's Celtic Dreams at SPA last weekend but didn't want to wander up like an idiot and say "Hi! I recognize your sweater from your blog!
It's beautiful!"
Thanks for the inspiration--I now have both the booklet and the original Interweave Knits write-up, so as soon as I'm finished up with my current sweater, I can start. I really like the braided neckline that Diana did, I'll have to keep that particular amendment in mind. Now the only question is, do I want to knit it in grey or in green?


Looks like yours is coming along nicely as well. Of course others are knitting it. It is a lovely pattern.




Hey! That's me! I'm enallagma9! And I'm Lynn in real life (the Linnet Knits, get it?). I'd love to say my Celtic Dreams is coming along nicely, but I haven't touched it in more than a week, before SPA. Before that, it was coming along nicely; I just got distracted (I get distracted easily, which explains all the UFOs circling this house). I suppose I shall have to get going again, if we're to have any sort of KAL.

As for that neck, I've knit what was specificed, and I don't like it, which may have to do with the fact I picked up more stitches than called for. I'm planning on frogging and trying again with maybe a scant inch of 1x1 ribbing followed by enough stockinette to curl nicely, just to give the neck finish enough structure to match the rest of the sweater's texture.

Diane E.

Lookin' good. I see you are not knitting the sleeve in the round. Good move as it is a royal pain to knit on three needles. I may change over on the other sleeve, or heck maybe now on this sleeve!Thanks for mentioning me:)

Lizzy B

Wow, I had no idea you mentioned me on your blog! I have indeed giddyup'd! The body, she is DONE! I'll be moving on to the sleeves very soon. :) I love my red, it's very happy! Hyah!

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