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Oh, I yearn for the good old days of little kids and sea turtle cakes. *sigh*


Amazing cake, Julia! Happy Belated to the Boy.


Happy Birthday! My middle kiddo just turned 5 as well :) He likes broccoli, but brussels sprouts are another matter at our house ;)

Rachel H

Happy Birthday to The Boy and wow Mom, fabulous cake! And when you've got your now 5 year old convinced that 5 year olds eat their broccoli, please come and convince mine of the same thing. Thank you.

Amy O'Neill Houck

Beautiful cake! Definitely take advantage of the "five-year-olds do" for as long as you can.

Beth S.

That cake is something else! How'd you do the legs? I figure you must have carved them out of a sheet of cake somehow... that must have been very fiddly work.

He's getting so big, isn't he? :-)


That cake is incredible! I love how much little boys get into themes.


That's a pretty kick ass cake. But, why didn't you dress up as a turtle?!?


I especially like the turtle eyes.


Happy birthday to your beautiful boy! Remarkably, both my 9 year old and 5 year old eat broccoli, but only the tree tops. I eat the trunks as they would sooner eat dirt.


*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* ! to a big, five year old, boy.

That cake is fab !



My 2 1/2 year old eats brocolli if it is roasted. It makes the stems taste a little like french fries.


My 2 1/2 year old eats brocolli if it is roasted. It makes the stems taste a little like french fries.


my kids like broccoli, so we didn't have to try that one. but man! boys whine! seriously! so when the first tooth is lost we called it the whiney tooth. they have no excuse for whining once the tooth is gone!


That's a great cake! I am always trying to find neat cakes to make for the kids birthdays. My oldest, a boy as well, turned 5 in January. He thinks he's grown up now...he eats brocolli and brussel sprouts:)


Happy birthday, Boy! What a lucky kid you are to have a mom who came up with that brilliant cake.


Great kid, great cake! He is really cute... or must I say handsome?! I was once corrected that "boys are handsome, cute is for puppies and girls!" But he was about 10 years old when he told me that!


That is a great cake. Happy Birthday to the Boy!


Happy Birthday Young Man!!!

Now go eat your broccoli!


Happy Birthday Boy! That is some cake, shall we start calling you Martha?


Happy Birthday! Love the cake. He's just as beautiful at 5 as he was at 4. No surprise, that.


great cake! happy birthday to your little guy!


Five year olds actually do almost all the housework. At a minimum they scrub toilets.

Congratulations on the boy. He's turning out really well.


Great job on the cake. Hope he had a happy day.


to the newly five year old - keep up the good work. As I remember, goals for year number 6 (year number 6 = 5 years old, that'll make sense sometime around age 12) included being responsible for picking out snacks as the grocery store, helping more in the kitchen, picking up toys more readily without being asked, and continuing to be cute and knowledgeable on every subject known to wo/man. I have faith that you'll tackle these tasks with gumption (if you haven't already...).

Julia - congrats to you and the Mister! He continues to charm me, and that cake is a delight. (I miss the killer whale stories though...)

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