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They have all of those delicious goodies at my Asian Grocer.... if you like the lychee jellies you should check the kiwi ones out too! They're my favorite.


Hmmmm - maybe stay away from the one that says "white rabbit" unless you're up for a little trip? Not a clue. You were missed today.


Wow ! He's learning Chinese. Cool !


The pink round one that looks like lifesavers is a kinda dried fruit candy that comes in thin wafers I had a weakness for them when I was younger. I convinced mom it was good for me like a natural chinese fruit roll up.


That is great that your son is learning Chinese. That is so cool.

We have a place here called Jungle Jims they sell all kinds of things like that. You might want to see if you have any ethnic grocers around that might sell them. Also try your normal grocery in the Chinese food section. They might have some of it.

Happy Chinese New Year!


We have several excellent Asian grocery stores around here (the Seattle area) and my favorite, from when I was the Boy's age, Uwajimaya, has a website that might help you find what you're looking for: (While my parents were shopping for groceries, I would pick out the most perfect colors of origami papers -- it was before I learned to knit.) And your story about the red envelopes brought me back a vivid image of receiving the same thing from my kindergarden teacher, a wonderful Japanese woman who taught us all how to count and sing in about 10 different languages, and (much to my parents' delight) introduced us to Chinese New Year. Ni Hao is one of the few phrases I actually learned -- my parents lived in Hong Kong before I was born, and mostly used their remaining Chinese at the dinner table when they didn't want the kids to know what they were saying. (Hee!) Happy New Year to you all!


I love Pocky! You can buy it online. I can get the "regular" Pocky at World Market/Cost Plus and at my asian grocer (sometimes).


White Rabbit!!! Those are the best candies ever! Once you take off the wax paper wrapping, leave the translucent covering on it [it will melt] and pop it in your mouth. MMMMM!! They're kinda like vanilla Tootsie Rolls. The round package at the top that saw 'Haw'...those are good too. I think they're tamarind flakes or something. Love those too. Right under that looks like a ginger candy [judging from the picture of the root on the wrapper] mom [who is Chinese] gives them to me and makes a comment about the ginger being good for an upset stomach. Those are ok...kinda spicy. ENJOY!

Happy Lunar New Year!


Do be careful if the jellies are the small kind that come in little individual plastic single-mouthful cups. They can be a choking hazard, especially for children. I'm glad they're delicious!

Rachel H

Very Cool that the Boy is learning Chinese. I have no idea what you're eating, but I now want to print that photo and take it down to the area of Spadina Ave that's just around the corner from Lettuce Knit where I'm certain to find several places to buy them.

Beth S.

I can't believe it... a kid who disdains candy? Well, more for the rest of you. And you'll save on dental bills. ;-)

I just looked out the window, and it's snowing. This has nothing to do with the new year--I just thought I'd mention it. And here I'd thought we'd had enough for the time being...

Twitchy Knitter

Yummmm, Pocky! Believe it or not, my local Wal-Mart has Pocky. Cost Plus/Wold Market carries most of the other candies, and some other really interesting things that come in packages I can't read!


Happy Chinese New Year! Sounds like some fun candies to try.


I can't help you with the candy but it sounds like others already have. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I missed you this weekend.


I happen to have Pocky on my computer desk right now. We got it at some Asian market around here. It is a lot of fun to go in and buy something unknown and mysterious.


Happy Lunar New Year to you, too!

I have always wondered why it's Chinese New Year. The Chinese did not invent the Moon. This New Year is also celebrated by many south-east Asian countries. We don't say American Christmas vs. Canadian Christmas, so why, oh why, Chinese New Year.


We have an Asian grocer up here in Portsmouth, right next to the Dunkins on Gosling Rd. I'll check there next time I go in! Missed you on Sat.


Definitely try the White Rabbit. It's my sister's favorite. Sort of chewy and sweet and a little creamy. Almost all of those can be found at an asian grocery store.


The Super 88 has a great selection of asian candies - I don't know if there are any close to your neck of the woods, but there's one in Allston not too far from Coolidge Corner.


Nothing new to add except ummm....Pocky! Pocky is like the Rice Krispie treats...I can never just have one! The Chinese grocery stores have them all the time, but I've seen them in Shaw's and WalMart also.


I would definitely make the effort to go to the Asian grocery.. .much more selection. However, if you are squeamish AT all, then maybe the Cost Plus World Market is a good idea.
I might need a referral to the chinese teacher. My mandarin has been dismal lately. I need a conversational partner (other than the family).


Yum! Haw chips (the pink things mentioned above) and snow crackers (rice crackers with sugar frosting on top)! Two of my faves. :) gongxifacai!

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