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Nice scarf :D He'll probably wear it ten years from now too.

Silver Ilix

Looks great! Hey, at least he will wear it!


Hi , I had to chuckle, that reminded me of the lovely colour work jersey I knitted for my then 17 year old teenage son. [ He's 33 now!! sigh] I spent about a year working on it and darning in all the ends.

Now I had asked him what he would like and he selected the pattern. But by the time I had finished it he had moved on from wanting the multicoloured look and was into black etc.

So I struck a deal. sold the jersey brought him the 501 levis he really wanted and kept the change. Sorry i didn't have a pic of the jersey tho it was a labour of love...!! I did weave him a scarf this year as he is living in Maryland at the moment.

I do like the one you are knitting, must try the reversible cables one day.

Now off to battle Blogger, having major issues trying to post lately.



That storm tested the souls and spirits of many.

That's a nice pattern. I remember it.


The scarf looks husband just won a set of the fate cards from Anachronism (the teen boy would know what that is :) Totally pumped! Hey, you left off GBH in that list of bands! I had great fun going through that phase, I hope you take lots of photos of him!


I had to laugh.. the jacket, if I remember correctly, must be worn open, hugged is okay, but not fastened.

That Laurie

Lovely scarf! And just PLAIN enough to suit a guy (and clever enough to engage the knitter). Great choice.


hee hee ... "not made of that bunny stuff". No, we can't have anything to soft and potentially girly.

What you've come up with is lovely (and I like that you're sneaking in your own little act of rebellion w/the reversible cables). Now, if only he'll follow through and wear it.


My sympathies. I have a seven-year-old son who LOVES to have me knit for him, but flatly refuses to wear any of the completed knitted garments. I've tried a variegated roll-neck, a solid cabled shawl collar, a striped v-neck vest, fuzzy socks, and felted clogs. He loves them all. He carries them around with him. He takes them to school for show-and-tell. He stores them on his bed where they can keep him company at night. But he absolutely refuses to put them on. Now I'm trying a new tack: I taught him to knit and started him on a sweater for himself!


Good luck! The scarf is very nice, hope he likes it.


Very nice! Are those cables the ribbed kind or some other manner of reversible alchemy? (I know 3 ways of making reversible cables, which means there have to be more.)

Clearly you are familiar with the first rule of advertising.


Nice scarf! So is the next piece of news going to be another sweater w/modifications or that he's moving in permanently?


hahahaha......cows do freeze to death you know.....LOVE IT....hahahaha


Did he approve the cables?

Beth S.

Hee. I remember a time in high school when I wouldn't wear socks with my penny loafers, even when the weather was sub-freezing. Ah, youth!...

I've been wanting to make a scarf very much like that one for my husband, actually. Reversible cables are quite possibly the awesomest thing ever.


That would be a gorgeous scarf for him. And yes, I guess you do have to make something for the rest of the household, right? That sock knitting machine looks like so much fun. I can't wait to see a finished sock from you on that contraption. Too much fun!


Pretty scarf, and I like the ribbing and cables. cool.

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