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This makes me very very happy that I don't own one of those!!


Good luck!


wow. I have been daydreaming about a ckm, but maybe I should reconsider ... you are making progress though! :)


My oh my! It reminds me of the first time I used a BOND ISM. Nothing like a snarl or a carriage jam. I so want one of those CSMs :) Enjoy playing with yours.


I have no crank advice but I'm surprised. I figured - knowing you and how clever you are - that this thing would work like magic for you and you'd be cranking out socks by now.


So neat--I love the history involved in all that--I have several of the non-sock "toy" circular knitting machines, and an addi express-and the kids love to play with them. I've just set up a flikr group to post projects, so feel free to join:


Dear lord. I'd have thrown it out the nearest window by now. Good luck!


Wow. Yeah, I'll stick to my dpns... my husband is fascinated, however, and wants to know if he can have one (then we looked up how much they cost...) Very intereseting to see you trying it out - good luck! I'm sure you'll have it working well in no time.


Sorry I have nothing to help. That is one cool contraption though. Sounds like you are making some progress, so hopefully your next try will be the one.

Jen da Purse Ho

i've dreamed of getting one of those...not even thinking that it might be a headache! ack! good luck and thanks for sharing your experiences. :)


I think you're making great progress. My daughter had a plastic Barbie-type knitting machine when she was younger and the first rounds of a project were always the most difficult. After about an inch or two she was cranking up a storm.


wow! It's actually just like a huge version of my I-cord machine. The only way I get that thing to work properly is to have a lot of weight pulling down on what's coming out and having a lot of tension on the yarn going in... not that I actually think this is helpful information to you since I've never touched a CSM in my life, but I just thought I'd say it anyway. Reading this post has made me lose any smidgen of desire I had ever felt for a CSM. And that's a good thing.


Ooh, that looks tough! How neat though. You Tube has a video of an antique machine in action. I just posted it on my blog.


I had enough trouble learning to spin... I don't think I want to try my mechanically impaired hand at one of those just yet.

Lee Ann

I'd have to invent a whole new level of f*ckityf*ckityf*ckf*ckf*ck.

You are one brave lady.


Some of those pictures make me think of that tube - sorry, subway - worm creature thing in Men in Black II. Keep your fingers well clear, huh? :)


Yikes. So much for my fantasies.

One thing I saw was lots of weight on the bottom of the fabric, pulling. I don't know how they get it started without that, but it seems to be one of the factors.


Ha - I have one of those (a Legare) and you've gotten farther than I ever did. I'm seriously considering sending it out (at the tune of $400) to get it up and working - or selling it off. I had visions of cranking out stockinette socks so quickly for everyone in my life. NOT!

Abby Franquemont

Oh boy, does that ever remind me of my first week or so with my CSM... in January. ;-) I've got the same set of totally enthralling pictures of abject snarling, and everything! I've still yet to get the nerve up to work through the ribber attachment, but I've successfully cranked out a decent pile of stockinette socks now, and just need to have a long toe-grafting session... mmmmm, fun.


Keep with it! I'm looking forward to seeing this work. (Mind you, I might have tossed it out the window by now...)


Ack! You've already demonstrated much more patience than I would be able to muster. I'm sure all the cranks at the crank-in can help ;-)


ooo, I've been wanting one of those... but I've heard the learning curve is big, and that it's difficult to find one that is in good enough condition to work - so I haven't let myself. I'm excited to see what happens after you talk to more "crankers!"

Mary K. in Rockport



I have no interest in machine knitting, but when I saw a few of those in action at a fiber festival a few years ago, I was transfixed - good luck, and thanks for posting the pictures so I can live vicariously through you!


Glad to see you're having fun.

It is fun? Right?

This is why the knitting machine in my house is on the floor and has been for a year. When I try it out, I'm going to lose a whole weekend. I just know it.

Sweet Caroline

You will need lots of weights for the basket. There should be a long rod attached to the cast on basket and there should be some round weights with slots to the center of the discs that you can slip onto the rod. Or it may be that your weight disks have hooks on them to attach to the basket. It might also help to wind your yarn into center-pull balls (very very loosely) so they don't present any resistance to the tensioner, which should do the job of tensioning the yarn.

Makes me want to get my Gearhart out and working. . .

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