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She looks like a master at the art...any art!


How very cool.


I really do admire your dragon.

Rachel H

I want to learn how to needle felt a Feegle.

Beth S.

Wow! That's still a pretty good first sock, I think. I assume you start at the toe, hence the red waste yarn?

Your dragon is delightful. His fiery breath is colored just right.


What fun! And your dragon is wonderful! :0)

Lee Ann

I hear many a dragon has started off life as a cat, but maybe I've been hanging around an eight year old with an overactive imagination for too long ;-)

Mary K. in Rockport

Shoot, I forgot to go to that class, even though I've been over there twice in the past few weeks (that huge alpaca bear is preying on my mind.) Those little felted animals are incredible, aren't they?




Way cool. I have seen the book that the little dogs are in and they are all so freaking adorable. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. So what's next????


Your dragon looks really cool! I love that needle felted valance -- way neat!

Valerie in San Diego

It's totally the week for messed-up sock gauge, it seems. I feel your pain!


oh my goodness, i definatly want a little felted dog. if i were to send pictures of my pooch, could it be done?? (giddy little girl squeals.) name the price.


Listen to the wool.....I like that!


Dragons are among my favorite animals. I'm less fond of dogs, but those felted ones are awfully cute (and probably don't have to be walked).


Love the dragon, but OMG I want a doggie, my doggie, in wool. Where do I sign up?


You can have the doggie of your choice! The genius child will make it. They are $25 and well worth it... She has lots of orders and fulfills them all promptly. Call Yarns in the Farms, or, just come to the next felting class and meet her yourself! She helps teach it! for classes...

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