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Gorgeous sweater! The mods look perfect for you. Love the glittery icicle trees too.


it looks absolutely fantastic! and that expression is grand!

[I am feeling rather project grumpy, maybe I should start some worsted-weight socks. :) ]


Gotta say, I like the sweater much better on you. Excellent work! I'm quite impressed.

I also enjoyed the animals checking out the sock. What's up, Panda? I don't know, Racoon, the Tigers wanted us to come see, but I don't know what we're looking at.


Yes, you're a much better model than the blocking board... very nice! The socks are looking comfy too, and your sky shots are beautiful - love that little touch of color in the winter.


Aw. Look at you all happy in your sweater.


looks gorgeous on you, Julia!


I'm saying it again - it's stunning!! :)

Sylvie (France)

Everything's beautiful: your Celtic Dream, the sky, the socks (I love greens!!!)


I am worried they'll eat the socks. You know the joke about why it's a good thing roaches survived from the Paleocene not dinosaurs? (Because: which would you rather have hiding behind the fridge?) Having a bad case of pandas would be really messy and no one would want to squash or freeze them.


What a gorgeous sunset! And of course the knitting is gorgeous as usual!


The sweater is gorgeous! Even better is the the happy model.


So much to love around here! :)
That sweater, Julia, is stunning! The color perfect! Pattern? Wonderful and interesting. A sweater that is a piece of art that will warm you for years! Enjoy it!
And your sky was gorgeous! :)


Wow, that's awesome! The best part is how happy you look modeling it.


Gorgeous sweater - I love how intricate it is!


Me, too! I can't resist piping up again. It's beautiful, Julia, and looks terrific on you.


The sweater is gorgeous! I may have to give that one a try myself next year!

Pretty skies!


That is one beautiful sweater.

Rachel H

Great sweater. I'd like to finish another sweater someday. And excellent socks too. Love your quality control checkers there.


That sweater is just friggin' brilliant. Way to go on the modifications! I'm in awe.


That sweater is just friggin' brilliant. Way to go on the modifications! I'm in awe.


Fabulous dahlink!


ALL the pictures are gorgeous! The sweater looks fabulous--of course!


CD looks absolutely perfect. Great job!


What a good job! (And holy crap, it FITS!)


Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the mod notes, I also have the pattern and have plans to start the sweater mid-summer. Will probably take me forever to finish it.

It looks wonderful on you.

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