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Beautiful handspun! I also liked the Twizzle, looks gorgeous!


Beautiful shawl and gorgous looking hand spun yarn. The yarn on the needles looks quite a nice knit too so it will not be too hard to finish I imagine.


oooops missing an e there, oh well, I didn't manage to stop it when I saw it while loading my comment.


Ooooo, I love both projects. Bummer that you have to reknit that cast off, but it will be worth it in the end. And I am drooling over that beautiful yarn you are knitting the vest from. Gorgeous!


What a lovely swallowtail! It'll be just gorgeous once you fix the cast off. I'll have to remember to be super loose casting off when I do that one myself. I've got some lovely yellow just waiting in the wings.


Hopefully the next go round works out for you on the shawl. I really like Mountain Colors Twizzle. Mmm. . .


That Twizzle looks completely different knit up than it does in the skein.


The yarn looks like it shines. Pissah about Swallowtail. Ripping sucks, but I agree, the points are important.


I love the colors in your vest. And your Swallowtail is indeed splendid, and will be even more so after the metamorphosis. My condolences on having to rip. I hate discovering I'm not done after all.


Don't you hate that? I cast off a Kiri shawl too tightly, and I know that one day I'll get around to re-knitting the edge... but not today. ;-)

Your vest is going to be really cute!

Jen da Purse Ho

that mountains colors is to DIE FOR!!! ME WANT! :) i'll have to hunt it down. hehe

your shawl is beautiful!


I say wet it and pull some more. I don't have pointy points on mine either, sorry to say. The beads look lovely on a beautiful piece.


That is an inspirational shawl. I am nearly finshed with a shawl in my own handspun. Your green shawl is lovely. I definitely need to finish or even get half way through some UFO. Happy knitting!


well, that shawl is worth finishing right; it's SUCH a pretty, bright color. i love twizzle, but have not bought any yet. i'm a little jealous, but i'm determined not to add to my stash (except for sock yarn, which i'm using).


That shawl is lovely -- I like the bead accent!

Beth S.

Oh no! And you were so close to the finish!... And there are beads to contend with!... Gah. Be strong. (A glass of a noble vintage might take away a bit of the sting...)


Congratulations to the winners.

That shaw is beautiful and the beads will just add that much more to it.


Whoo Hoo!


Woo hoo! Thanks for such a kewl contest with even cooler prizes. Happy Blogiversary again!



Hope you guys are high and dry in this nasty weather and flooding!


Bummer about the shawl.

That the sweater is warm, and you love the yarn are the only real important things. Not everything has to be glamorous. Thank goodness!


Good luck on slogging along with it, lol...the yarn is gorgeous by the way.

Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy

Mmmm ... both shawl and WIP are beautiful! Congrats to the winners, and thank you for holding a contest!


The shawl will be beautiful and worth the extra effort!


god, that is gorgeous. very sorry about the ripping, but the end result is SO going to be IT.

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