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Oooh, it's awfully pretty. I hope you finish it soon, it's a stunning sweater.


Ooo, it's so good to see PS136 again. Please, please finish her...she needs to be seen.

Deborah C.

I would love to see it finished! I'll make it one day, but I think I'll change the beige-on-beige to a pink/white combo instead, one of the pinks from the flowers below or a complementary one - I don't think the beige-on-beige would look good on me, either.


That is just beautiful. Hope you keep up the motivation to finish it.


Progress is progress. It's lovely, though, and I'm amongst the many anxious to see you finish.


Wow, that sweater will be to die for when it's all done. Beautiful, I just love the colors!


Oh my god--that it the most beautiful piece of knitting I have ever seen! No, I'm not kidding. I'm not a lace fan (shoot me), but I do love a beautiful piece of color work, and that embroidered-look flower band is incredible! Please finish it and post a BIG picture.


So glad to see it again. I agree with the button band and bottom change to green. That will punch it up. I haven't started my kit yet but seeing yours again has made me think about it again.


I am totally impressed. I absolutely adore those flowers around the bottom. Margene is right (as is so irritatingly often the case).


The beige on beige is what I love about that sweater - it's so elegant!


I just totally love that sweater. Not enough to make one, though :(


Washed out? On you? I think not.

Its gorgeous. Get cracking.


I'll have to disagree with you on the beige. If you're following the pattern as seen in the photo on their site, the color in the sleeves will more than balance it out. It'll look really nice on you once it's finished.


Oh it is sooo pretty!!!! I hope you will be able to have the will power to finish it.


If you aren't going to wear it, make it a pillow. That's too much work to waste.


omigod, i had totally forgotten about that sweater - all that gorgeous work at the bottom and then it just "poof" it was gone

i'm glad to see it is back!!


Nice to see it again. As long as the color next to your skin sets you off, that's all that matters. I hope you're able to get a lot done! Keep us posted!


and you have fairly strong coloring, so those pale shades might look very different on you. good luck and i hope we get to see it at rhinebeck.


Funny, I really was just thinking about you and that sweater the other day. I told my Norwegian cousin about it when you were knitting on it so long ago, and she hooked me up with the book. I'll never make anything from it, and I'm totally in awe of how beautiful your sweater is, beige or no beige.

Paula in Iowa

Just un-lurking to tell you how beautiful the thingy at the top of your bolg is. (fractured syntax) I liked the brown cables, but this is ooo wow!

Paula in Iowa

Should be "blog" I can't type!


I's either finish or frog. I like your buttonband plan. And I like that you have enough yarn to change horses.


Wow, that is stunning. Seriously.

Beth S.

I almost passed out when you used the words "frog" and "overdye", but whew! :-)

I am SO happy to see good old P.S. again. It really does deserve to be finished--and I like your idea about the buttonbands (though really, any idea that motivates you to work on P.S. is a Good Idea!)

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