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Amazing work Batman! I can only knit when my 3, 5, and 7 year olds are asleep! Hmm, I wonder if I search for race cars on you tube....

Beth S.

I had no idea there was anything educational on YouTube, but I commend you for finding it! ;-)


Wow, I always get the goofy grins when someone links to me... :)

Thanks for the locomotive link on YouTube. Maybe this will get Evan away from the blasted Cats of YouTube!


Sob. I have no grandmother's button box! I know the woman must have had a stash, but I was young and stupid when she passed, and have no idea where it ended up.

Francesca (Stuntmother)

I am just now finding the wonders of You Tube as applied to children. Free to Be You and Me videos, for example. Good stuff.

Buttons. I love 'em.


Man James won't sit and watch tv. He has to be in my lap seeing what I am doing. My only knitting time is in the evenings before bed. Glad that you got some time to knit.


I want to see, I want to see. Is it done, Is it done?

And razorbacks and highway 40...beautiful phrase.


I'm knitting while catching up on Bloglines too. There are so many great knitting/fiber blogs out there that I just can't keep up!


me wanties that koigu color, yum!

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