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oh wow, that's pretty cool. i read the price before reading the description and almost fell out of my chair!

i can't wait to see the colors better. looks like we have several months to wait (especially here in the US)


Didn't you preorder the whole set?


New sock yarns!! Wowee, I love new sock yarns!! Seems as if the sock yarn stash will grow a bit...


I saw one in person yesterday at the Boston Knitting Guild - UNBELIEVABLE colors- so vibrant and nice! Cannot wait!

miss ewe

Ooohh... that IS exciting! I'll keep watch for those!


Get thee behind me, Satan.


mmmmmmm, yummy.


Gasp! I'll wait until they're sold separately :) Such beautiful colors though.


I admit I did it earlier in the week (pre-ordered, I mean). They look beautiful, and while I love handpainted (no, do NOT look in those bins under the bed...), there is something about the wear like iron quality of the regia, opal, etc that gets me every time.


Are you coming to Salt Lake City to see Kaffe?
Let me know and I'll get you a ticket.


Oh yes-- this is exciting news!


Do you think that will make the price go up significantly?


Now that's news we can use!


My first thought was Holy Crap! Super excited here! He is a color genius!


That's actually not a bad price, considering it will make a dozen?


That's pretty great. I bought some Regia silk last weekend.

Jen Da Purse Ho

astrid's is an EVIL EVIL PLACe!!!! but i saw these there a litle while ago and i drooled all over myself. hahahahaah. :)


Oh you evil woman you!


You are evil. I so need the full set. And I so do not need another year or more of sock yarn added to my stash.


Oh wow! I can't wait to see them in person. I am sure that they will be great.


Oh Oh Oh- cool- thanks so much for the tip-off!


Wow!!! I can't wait. Gota love ol' Kaffe


Evil woman, that's some beautiful sock yarn. I was almost tempted by the whole line, whew!

Beth S.

This is fascinating! Kaffe's doing business with the Regia people after decades of Rowan exclusivity? I wonder how that came about.


I've never been to Astrid's before. I clicked on sock yarn in the sidebar and my tongue almost fell out of my mouth when the list unfurled! They have HUNDERTWASSER yarn - wow! He's an AMAZING artist, and he designed some sock yarn??? Wow.

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