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Mary K. in Rockport

I am so with you on the finish-what-I've-started-before-starting-another-new-thing. But as I was reading, I was thinking to myself, "Julia, finish the quote in your title and forgive yourself" when I got to the end and discovered you'd done just that!


sigh... I am in that boat too. And I try to trick myself into it -- self, one new project, finish two old projects. But it doesn't work for long. Good luck! I'll cheer you on. :)


Blogiversary? Contest? De-stashing? Ooooh.

Oh. I was supposed to be doing the working-with-what-I-have-not-accumulating-more thing, wasn't I? With you as my inspiration. Heh. Best of luck to both of us.


I think your blog is just as witty, interesting and inspiring as it ever was. But I do the same thing when I like at my blog archives - I used to be funnier. Heh.
Good luck with the spring cleaning!


Oh fun! Destashing, contests (happy blogiversary, to be sure) AND lessening of psychic weight.


As someone who tends to start multiple projects all at the same time, I'm going to say, when you finish up all those 1/2 completed items, you will feel so light that you'll have to start up 20 more. But at least you'll have the feeling of completion. You can do it!


Good luck with the completion drive- Have to say I have been in a similar boat when trying to encourage hubby to get some task done... and living with project guilt is no fun, and definitely not what it's all about at all. Personally I curse the internet and all my fellow bloggers and those lovely craft websites for providing too much wonderful inspiration to start somethign new!!


I didn't commit to the knit from your stash bit this year, but I still feel guilty. I committed to "no impulse buys" 07... and then I bought my wheel and all the fiber that followed. Any yarn dyed by Heather shouldn't count. I don't know why, but it shouldn't. I really only have a few S&W, and the Fiber Frolic, and that TKGA thing to get through, and then I'm good til '08, I hope. Oh, and the trip to Webs next month to see Steph. I'm doomed.

It was great to meet you Friday :) You guys are great, I'll be back.


I was just reading another knitter's writing about how she is loving knitting on only one. thing. at. a. time. I don't know if I can do that, but I do really want to focus on some of the things I've already been working on and planning for. :0)


When I get too many projects on the needles I try to keep to the philosophy that I can start one new project for every two projects I complete. That keeps me from feeling hemmed in by my current projects while demanding a certain level of attention to the oldies but goodies. (And frogging a project does not count ;>)


So many blogiversaries in April, mine is tomorrow :)

I have un, no ufo's just some socks and the Forest Path Stole on the needles ::ducks and runs:: Good luck Julia - I'll be back on Wednesday to wish you a happy!


I've got quite a few ufos on the needles right now, which is really unlike me. Part of it is the fact that I'm back in school and it takes away from my knitting time and some of my knitting has to be simple for a few rows of knitting on the train. But I've still got more than I'd like and as I think of spring, I'm ready to cast on for some new knits. But for now until early May, I'll probably still be working on some of them, but as two are socks, I'm good with those b/c there's no deadline with socks, just when they're finished they'll go in the drawer. If I get them finished before it's too hot, I'll wear them, if not, they'll be ready next winter. Good luck with finishing up those wips or ufos and getting on to springier knits!


You're a FickleKnitter. Statistics show that 99.972% of knitters are FickleKnitters. Those who are not are unnatural. Embrace your FickleKnitterness and be happy. :D


There indeed is a record of all the past enthusiasms in our blogs. I think that's a good thing, all told.

It is only knitting. :)


Hey Julia, Here's what worked for me. When I first started blogging, I had 11 projects on the needles. I was completely scattered and frustrated with myself, so I decided to spend the next six months either finishing or frogging everything, and then to start fresh. After my slate was clean, I could swatch as much as I liked (because swatching is creative - you can't put limits on that!), but I would limit my projects in progress to five or less, with a goal of having only three on the needles at once. (If you look around , many of the more productive knit bloggers will have only three or fewer projects going at once -- it seems to be a very good number to work with.) I also started using the side bar to track my projects and to keep me honest, because otherwise it was too easy to backslide. I've kept to that plan since about fall 2004, and it has really worked well for me. I'm much more deliberate in my project choices (though I think you are already great at that - I love the things you do choose to finish!), and I tend to stick it out with projects that are giving me a hard time - like River and the Daktari skirt - which have ended up being some of my favorites.

Stash reduction? That's a whole other problem, and I am decidedly not the person to give advice!


I decided when I got into knitting (after a 30+ year hiatus) that I would not put guilt on myself for starting and not finishing anything. When I was a quilter, I would sometimes lie awake at night thinking of all my UFOs, feeling the P R E S S U R E. So I went along casting on and casting on, until I finally realized that maybe I was actually afraid of finishing, because it never came out as good as it was in my head. So now I've decided to face my issues and not cast on anything else until I finish something. I just finished a pair of socks, and now I have 3 or 4 other things that are in line. We'll see how we both do.


Goodmess, I am in the same boat !
I keep a list of the larger projects on my calendar at work,as a to-do list. The idea being that I cannot start a similar size project until I finish the languishing ones on the list. Also, I make them seasonal, I have 3 warm weather projects listed, that I want to be wearing by the time the warmer weather arrives.
And the weather has been so cooperative to my schedule !

Beth S.

'Tis the season for short attention span knitting. I feel terribly unfocused, pulled in eight different directions at once. Channeling that energy into your UFOs is a sterling idea, if you can pull it off. :-) And you know I'd love to see PS13x (er, can't remember final digit) come out to play again... ;-)


Spring is always the time when these resolutions hit, isn't it? It's that spring-fever thing. Mine, however, never stick. I wish you luck with yours.


It is so hard to follow through with everything we start. And picking old projects back up is hard, too. Once you get going again, it's fine, but there's a definite inertia in working on a pattern you don't remember!

Good luck with it.


I just love the way you "write out loud" my dear.


Finishing or frogging some of those old project frees space in your brain for new projects!


Why, Julia! A little birdy told me you visited Wild and Wooly just a few weeks ago and bought....GORGEOUS YARN FOR A SWEATER. Me thinks you are delusional if this is "knitting from your stash." Good thing we love you :)


Your stash is large; it contains multitudes.
(apologies to Walt, but it had to be said.)

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