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Your summer tweed colours are very beautiful but I find cross-over knits hard to wear. Who needs the extra layer right there in the middle? I say go for it anyway! We gotta do what we love.


Those lines at the bottom, which are intended to run vertically, angle out because women have hips. Some of us have bigger hips than others. The hippier the wearer the more those lines are going to point to the side thus providing a topographical map of one's hippiness (and tumminess).


Swallowtail is lovely. I'm not sure about the sweater but sadly, I think he may be right.


I second the husband. I think that although the colors are seductive, the knit itself is going to look bulky in the tummy area because that is where all the lines meet and draw the eye, and it is also going to look hippy (at least when fastened) for the reasons Jessica noted. I have a straight figure, so I can usually pull off fairly bulky knits. This one, I could not do. It's possible that there is something about your figure that would make it more flattering, but I think of the new Rowan designs I would be more likely to go with Tulip. I know it has a more basic shape, but you could make it in autumnal colors and it would be very flattering.

Abby Franquemont

Yeah, I'm with the husband on this too. First of all, anything remotely empire or regency waisted has a tendency to make anybody without a washboard stomach look like they're wearing leftover maternity wear. Second of all, the semi-vertical lines are going to flare outward at the hip, being upside-down chevrons, accentuating any wideness of hip and belly, minimizing bust and shoulder... which, for me at least, not being a super-buxom 19-year-old, would rule it out.

I love the colours, and the overall pattern. If it had waist shaping and less of a surplice look... sigh. The model is definitely standing funny.


I dunno, I think he may be right... There does seem to be an awful lot going on in the
"tummy" area - stripes in several directions, intersecting and flaring out. It might not be such a great sweater. The colors are fantastic though, and I'm sure you could use them in another project. Or heck, knit Sarita and prove us wrong in our over-thinking... Good luck deciding :)


Is there something else you could do with all those lovely Summer Tweed Colors - a way to redeem the sweater for you? I see the attraction to the sweater, but I know *I* couldn't wear it.

Your swallowtail is, as you know, lovely.


Hmmmm...that's a hard one. She does seem to be standing kinda funny. It is awfully pretty though. I hate to say it, but all the comments above make a lot of sense.


Um yeah, another vote for hubby's wise opinion. All those strips going every which way? Stripe design converging at the belly? Er no. That's a design would best complement a slender frame. And nope, I don't have one either.

Nice colors though, I can see why you were seduced. Perhaps you can find a different pattern for it? Or sell the yarn as a kit to someone who wants to make the sweater.

Sorry. :(


How accurate is the Mister with clothing choices? He seems to have it down. In any event, to dwell on the most positive, the shawl is LOVELY and I admire your willingness to re-do what needed to be redone.


I hesitate to tell you that I love your Swallowtail. You *do* believe me, right?

kathy in juneau

I hate to do this, but I'm going to have to agree with your husband. I feel like the "Car Talk guys" must feel when they side with the wife .. anyway, it's just too busy and not a very flattering design, I think. You'll find another, perfect pattern for that wondrous yarn, and you'll be happier.

I'm not just saying this to make up for being a traitor, I LOVE your Swallowtail. It's gorgeous!

Lee Ann

Beautiful colours. Made to be knitted together.

Just not in two layers over the stomach.

Trust me. Although I'm kind of a midget, so the Effet de Michelin is perhaps more pronounced on my height-challenged form than it would be on your statuesque goddessness. But dude, if I can't do goddess in one layer, I'm not sure who besides a skeleton can do it in two layers.

I could be utterly wrong, but if I were looking to knit those colours in those stripes, I'd do more of a Poppy à la Shobhana treatment with only one layer over the tire, I mean, the fabulously curvaceous middle of my stunningly feminine torso.


Thanks, husbandly unit. I think.

Beth S.

Yes. Yes, they were (*blissful sigh*)

Knit the cardigan and damn the torpedoes, unless you can think of something else to do with all that Summer Tweed. You could always adapt the pattern so that the waistline / juncture between vertical and horizontal hit you at just the right spot. You've got the math skillz to do it.


All I know is my friend is knitting it for our yarn-store boss and it's really cool. I can't decide how it will look on individual people. More people need to get over their fear of Summer Tweed and stripes and knit it so we can see how it looks on real people, don't you think? (Which is to say, I'm not voting with or against the husband just now. My Seth is a decent judge but you know, he's wrong sometimes.)


I kind of like it. Though you know, a similar design but without the crossover thing is Yarnplay's Poppy. Vertical stripes around the middle, horizontal ones at the shoulders and sleeves - that has Noro self-striping for the horizontal stripes, but there's no rule that you can't stripe yourself. You could even cardiganize it pretty easily.

Oh, I see Lee Ann had a similarly brilliant idea ;)

The colors are to drool over though.


Sorry--I'm with hubby on this one, too. It even makes the skinny model look five months pregnant.


I am sorry I have to agree with Mister, but I swear it was my thought when I first opened your blog today and saw this thingie there, even before I read your story. The yarn is beautiful and the shawl has such beautiful points, great job.


Sorry, it's a beautiful design, but rarely do cross-over sweaters work for me. It's always not quite right across the bust, usually a little tight or too big and if you've got a bosom and you do, that's usually a problem. Also the empire waist always makes me look like I'm wearing maternity tops as someone else mentioned. All of that combined with stripes vertically at the waist is too much business happening around the waist and that top is not going to stay closed at the waist, it will jut out if you've got ips and honey, I got hips, so I know.


Tummy problems meaning chub, or indigestion? From the look on her face, I think she needs some Pepto. The shawl looks fantastic! Makes me want to take mine out of hiding- great job!

That Laurie

Alas, I think that your husband is right. That sweater will also have double layers in the front. I am ALWAYS suspicious of sweaters where the model is standing in a funny way. I also tend to check the neckline and edges for how the details are handled--sometimes tells you a lot about the overall design.

The good news is that those are lovely colors and you can easily make something else with them that will be even better.

That swallowtail is LOVELY.


Actually, I think a sweater like that could nicely hide a tummy, if that was what you wanted.

I do like that sweater though; it is unusual.

And the shawl? Is it beautiful!


Good news first: I madly covet your Swallowtail. Truly, madly, don't look behind you.

About the sweater... um... not so much. The model is indeed standing oddly; the way she's holding her arms so close to her sides makes me wonder if there's a whole extra sweater's worth of surplus fabric hidden in the armpits, and/or if the front would otherwise sag and bag all over the place. And it looks like the whole works is held in place with a single button. Summer Tweed is a heavyweight yarn, right? I don't think so. The bottom gaps in the front (maybe it wouldn't without the bulk-camouflaging arm posture?). The sleeves are a bit too short. And what everyone already said about layers around the middle. If all of this is clearly visible on a woman who gets paid to make clothes look good, I don't want to imagine what this sweater would do to a normal body.


This is one thing that drives me crazy about knitting patterns. Like fashion mags, they pick the best shot out of a 100, not showing you how it looks from the side, the back, or on someone who isn't model material. I agree on the empire waist/double fabric over the tummy theories. But those colors are just gorgeous and I know you have it in you to come up with something so much better!


yeah, i don't like that pattern either. i have a feeling you'd have to be very tall and be willing to wear it open with a cropped shirt or something in order to avoid looking like you have a baby bump. i think that there is too much going on with the horizontal AND vertical lines, which is also the reason i hate that klaralund sweater that was all the rage a few years ago.

but the swallowtail looks lovely.

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