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Oh, I am so JALOUSE...


I tried the wheel as well -- spun great and so charming with those cut-out flowers.


Yes, mulch is it EXACTLY. The superwash and nylon is fabulous for the lilacs.....



I tried that wheel too. Very nice. I still want one with the little wrought iron details though, I like those better than the wood cutouts.

Lee Ann

I think Juno's secretly making lingerie and she just hasn't blogged it yet.


You know, I just don't know if I can trust someone who doesn't knit socks.


Honestly, it was the perfect weekend. I can't imagine a single thing to make it better (well, maybe one, and it might or might not have involved buying that wheel).

Juno and her socklessness continue to irk me. I think we need to do something about it, don't you?

Great times, the *best* people. Thank you.


Fab pics of happy fibre people. :0)


Well, at least one of the group didn't have camnesia. Thank you for the pix.


thanks for the photo tour :-)


It was good to see you all Saturday :-)!


Lovely photos, J.

But you should be careful--Juno is not the only one who does not knit socks. :D


Did you see the truck with the plate that said "-BAAAA"? I liked that one :)

Nice to see you again and admire your sweater!


Great pictures and looks like an even better day. LOVE the Russo wheels. I bought one in MD and haven't regretted it for a heartbeat.


Many rare and beautiful things besides socks can be knit with sock yarn. However, to all non-sock-knitters I say: resistance is futile; you will be assockilated.

Speaking of rare and beautiful, it was lovely to see you, and it is lovely to see your pix.

Beth S.

I thought of you when I saw the Vermont Wheels. I didn't spin on one, though. Too scary. I can't risk falling in love when I haven't even had my Lendrum for a whole year yet. ;-)


I love that Beth calls you all the "Spindicate". I haven't gone over to the dark side, but after meeting you, it was definitely harder to resist. NHS&W was a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Great pictures!


Don't forget humming with the alpaca...the bun-buns, the lambies, oh my! Wish I had met you-it was a beautiful time for all!


Assockilated--that's priceless!

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