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miss ewe

I'm totally waiting for that pattern! Kate's a genius... love her wing top in that issue too.


Happy Birthday! The sweater you were wearing at the shearing the other day is beautiful.


That is a great hat pattern! I'd love to knit it myself. And happy birthday, also!

Beth S.

It's a shame, because the brown and green together are just amazing, and they suit you!

I prefer a hat with a brim too, but this one is so pretty I'd wear it anyway, I think. :-)

Octopus Knits

I have been eyeing those hats in the magazine -- great job! (and since it appears to be your birthday, happy birthday!)


nice hats! and happy birthday julia!


Those look really cool. I love Kate's designs. There's a resubscribe notice at home on my kitchen table -- I guess it's about time.


They are so very, very unbelievably beautiful. I can wear those kinds of hats, but I'm trying to hold off for the moment as hatmaking is not in my immediate to-do list.


love the hats, one of the few patterns I like in the new interweave. :)

happy birthday! :)


oph! they are fun. and a Happy Birthday.


Well, you know what they say: If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. If it doesn't, hunt it down and kill it. Oh. Maybe that doesn't work for knits.


You did a great job knitting the samples -- they look beautiful in the magazine!

Jen da Purse Ho

i can't wait to see that pattern! :)


You did a beautiful job knitting them.


i didn't realize you were the one who had knit those up! they're beautiful, one of only a couple patterns i'm considering from that issue.


The yarn arrived yesterday. The hat looks like too much fun (and you have verified that it is). It's the perfect style for mountain winters.

Mary K. in Rockport

Yes, those caught my attention in the magazine. Are both of the yarns (in one hat) variegated - or striped?


Oh WOW!!! They are beautiful!!!


Awesome hats. I forsee a few of them in my future.

And happy belated birthday! Hope to see you Saturday.


What a cool hat!


These hats are on my long - ever so long - 'to make' list ! Your hats are gorgeous and I think they will move up on the list.
Thanks for sharing


If I ever move back to a climate where wearing/making a hat makes sense... Gorgeous work there.


I love these; they were the only pattern that really grabbed my attention in the latest Interweave Knits. I porbably won't make one until the end of the summer, but I see them on the Christmas list for several family members, all of whom ADORE these kinds of hat. Great work!

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