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Beth S.

I share your passion for that particular green. It's the perfect green. I maintain that it's a sophisticated sort of green, even though it's bright. It takes a person of character to pull it off, and you, m'dear, have character.

I'm SO envious that you got to spend a day in NYC with Cassie! :-) I bet that was just wonderful.

Suzanne V.

A stranger said that?! Yikes. But remember, everyone looks like death in a dressing room. It's those lights. And the mirrors. I never believe what they show me; I take everything home and try it on in friendly surroundings before I make a final decision. I love that green, too.


It's a lovely color green. Go for it!!


Who says that to a complete stranger?!? I love the color, and the pattern is terrific.


I adore that color and almost never wear it for fear of what it will do to my complexion. But on you it'll look mahvelous, and the pattern is terrific. (I have two teacher-gift stoles on my plate... hmm...)


I think you should go with the green just out of a "screw you, stranger" attitude.

Janice in Camas

Two trusted friends trump a bitchy stranger in a dressing room every day of the week. And besides, if you love it and it makes you happy, you'll look beautiful in it.


That color is grand and just perfect for you! It was great to meet you in person and chat. Thanks for coming out to meet me, so kind of you. I can't wait to see your progress on the Morning Glory Shawl.


That is a fabulous green and the Dressing Room Wench only wanted the shirt you were trying on. :)


I have yet to knit those socks, I'm already 2 kits behind. But they're gorgeous. As is the Morning Glory Shawl! That green is going to look fabulous on you, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


How incredibly rude ! I'm amazed that someone said that to you. People can be astounding. In a bad way !
I think that you will look lovely swathed in that luscious green. Not that it should influence you, one way or another, what I think ! It only matters what you think and feel.
I have that pattern, and fully intend to knit it. Really. I even gave the yarn.



i am a total fan of that green too! i'm sure it will look good on you; you have a bit 'o the redhead in your complexion . .
plus, it totally goes with the amazing yarn in those socks. you can wear them together!
or . . . not.


I have green eyes, and I have found that many shades of green look good on me, but if I veer too far into the realm of acid yellow, deathliness blooms. I think it's a fine line and I happen to love the color you picked.

I also love the morning glory wrap, but the picture looks like something from a French film and I'd worry I'd have to take up smoking and drinking absinthe if I knit the thing. (That's just me. You go ahead. It's wonderful.) :-)


My med. weight socks that rock have help up extremely well - being washed and dryed with all the regular laundry - one of my favorite pairs. Love the color for your morning glories - isn't it a fun knit?


I LOVE that shade of green as well and what can I say about the morning glory pattern other than it is fabulous!! I can't wait to see how yours knits up :-)


I too had problems with the February kit. It was so annoying to have to knit and rip so many times.

The morning glory wrap is so pretty. The color is gorgeous and I bet it is so soft.


The green looks AMAZING. AMAZING, I tell you.

And anyone who is moved by her spirit to be gratuitously rude to a stranger in a dressing room was just jealous of your pretty hair.


Wow. I'm very very impressed. How did you get Wanda to let you take a picture of you? She NEVER lets us take pictures of her! I think if you love the color, you can find a way to make it work for you. Besides, dressing room lighting isn't always the best.

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