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Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Last summer, my husband and I went to Paris to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. On day three, we went to Versailles, to stay at the Trianon Palace Hotel--and yes, it is every bit as magnificent as it sounds. Our luggage had been brought up to our palacial suite before we arrived, and as I started to step out the French doors, onto the gorgeous balcony overlooking the gardens of Versailles, I knitting bag was missing! Much chaos and hysteria ensued. Screw Paris, Versailles, and miles of manicured gardens: where the hell was my knitting?! (Yes, it was found, safe and sound, but not before half the hotel staff was convinced I was more than a little crazy. My husband, of course, already knew.)


I would totally steal your knitting. In fact, you better keep an close eye on that black cashmere you're knitting right now.......

(PS. NOT That Guy.)


Phew! Sounds like my day -- flag, Whole Foods, garden shop.


Lovely confluence of pleasures, even with momentary panic. Yes, I would worry about open windows, but I was born-n-raised here in New England.


I admit it, I would be tempted, only for a moment. Sorry for your panic - I'm so glad it all worked out (and I drive around with knitting, too). :0)


And you were only considering the two-legged potential culprits! I bet those squirrels have always envied the angora bunnies, too...

Lee Ann

It may be stupid of me to pass by the clearly gorgeous fuzziness and point out a typo, though it's my metier so I can't help it (and often wish I could stop doing it), but...

"party because I love the wool" is the best typo of the year.


I left my sock-in-progress in plain sight in the car today. I briefly wondered if anyone would go to all the effort to break in and steal it. I figured the odds were against it. Firstly, not too many knitters roaming around here (that I know of anyway). Secondly, I've never met a knitter yet that would steal a WIP. Perhaps a fresh ball or two of angora, but never one with a project attached.


You never know when a knitter might go weak in the knees over some pretty angora lying there, unattended, You don't have to worry about me and the angora b/c I'm allergic, but not everyone is. Thankfully the yarn was reclaimed and all is right with the world.


Hilarious! And I'm glad you found the yarn. Think of the pain if Megan hadn't unlatched that seat until, say, Labor Day!


Phew! You had me all worried that there was actually a knitting thief out there! I'm glad you found it before too long!


I'm glad you found your knitting. I have to admit that on occasion I've been far more concerned about leaving some of my hand-knit finished objects in my office unattended, particularly my Birch shawl. Fortunately, it's been seen on me by enough people and my office is enough off the beaten path that someone would have to *plan* to take it and (so far) I'm unwilling to believe that folks are that desparate for butter-soft handknits!


Oh, imagine the bad karma of stolen knitting!


If it's any consolation I just traveled with the new wheel in the trunk and had visions of it being stolen. It made it safely!


Seriously, only the fear of the extreme Kharmic Debt has kept me on the straight and narrow in some of my worst moments. At least I know I can rely on that though, in that upon chatting with an LYS owner once who confessed that her current display solution for her SeaSilk came about because of theft issues, my entire body shuddered as I contemplated the endless and painful games that the knitting muses would play upon the poor soul that ever tried to knit lace with stolen laceweight yarn.

Ugh. Makes me a little shaky even now.


Dang! Another opportunity lost.

You've no doubt heard that you should never leave your car unlocked in New England in August. If you do, you will come back to find it full of zucchini.


I always thought that no one would steal yarn or knitting. I figured that knitters have too much respect for each other, and that muggles, well what would they do with it.

Apparently I was wrong!

A friend and I ordered some yarn. We had it delivered to his place, and sometime in between the time the mailman dropped it off and he got home from work, someone stole the package of yarn.

It never showed up, but luckily the company we ordered from sent us out replacement yarn. Delivered to his work.

I'm glad you found your knitting!

Beth S.

All's well that ends well. And even if it hadn't, you would have known that your car had been burgled by someone with exquisite taste... and isn't that a compliment of sorts? ;-)


Oh my, my pulse started racing and my breath stopped while I was reading this. The suspense nearly killed me! I'm so glad that nothing happened to the precious Kochoran, and I totally understand the anxious moments when you couldn't find it. I'm so glad it all turned out roses.


Awww, the Knitting Goddess smiled upon you and kept your angora safe.



Alison Hyde

I was sure it must have dropped out of your bag at some garden store or something. Glad you got it back! But wait, though, isn't Mr. Hyde the, um, good guy?


Pat the bunny - I love it! Glad the knitting was safe all along.


i am not a cynical or pessimistic person, but was very relieved to read the end and see the angora was found safe and sound.

after my huge tray of homemade ravioli for Christmas lunch was stolen from my locked car on Christmas Eve, i kind of not trust people to really know about bad karma at all...


It's so nice to read that I'm not the only cynical one in this world who thinks that 98% of people are potential thieves, even if they are accidental thieves. I'm glad you found your knitting.

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