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Don't tempt me with yarn woman! The ASC sold so quickly. Too bad, I would have ponied up for it. But not that I need it (or any more yarn for that matter, but that's another issue).


Dang, too slow again. Keeping eye peeled...


why, oh why, do stash sales happen on weekends when I won't be near a computer? (that being said, I don't *really* need any more yarn...)

Lisa W.

I would like to buy the Rowanspun Chunky group. Please let me know if it is still available. thanks


Oh, the fantasies let go..... Luckily you are good at devising new ones.



Oh good. They're gone. Not that you could have tempted me anyways. At least not until I've used the ASC I bought off you what...two years ago now?


I will so *not* be checking that RSS feed.


Oh sweet hesus, am I glad that Pleasure is gone already. I am powerless in the face of that stuff.


LOVE the purple. Is it still available?? And, really... 80 bucks for all of that??

I'll take it and, yes, I have paypal. How do I do this??

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