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What lovely roses!

Your Fiber Revival sounds fantastic! I hope you have a great time.

kim sheehan

I love a good Revival! Will there be tents and cobbler and people smacking other people on the forehead saying "feel the fiber within you?"

I'll probably get in trouble for this post so delete it if you wish. It sounds like a wonderous idea! Wish I could be there!

kim sheehan

Oops! Just saw there would be a tent. V. cool.


Such a nifty idea! And your roses are gorgeous.


Roses and revivals....sounds like fun! It will be on my calendar for sure! Will I see you tomorrow at Alpaca Kathy's spin in?


The roses are so pretty. I too have been wrestling with weeds as of late. Some times it seems that they refuse to give up to my relentless pulling. Why can't some of my flowers grow like that? ;)

The Fiber Revival sounds like a great time. Wish I was in the area. I would so be there.


oh your roses are so pretty! that is one thing i don't grow . . . i like wilder things in the garden. and roses are best when you have all different kinds, the way you do.
today i am also heading out to wrestle weeds . . . we had rain this week and it seems to have gone right into making crabgrass grow!


Your roses are stunning! I"m writing in the revival on the calendar and will check the call schedule. Sounds FUN.


I love the idea of a fiber tent(-revival).


Newbury? MA? ME? Just tryin' to figure mileage.


The revival sounds wonderful. I'll be on vacation, though, and I'll have to miss it. Waaaah.

The Feminist Mafia

Child care arrangements willing, I'd love to get religious with y'all. Great idea!!


Weeds - some of 'em here are great bunny food so I harvest them rather than yank 'em, but the others. Well. They seem to be in open rebellion at this point. I guess today would be a good day for me to attack them. But your roses are making me think Elizabeth Park. Hmmmm... which will win? Weeds or a delightful stroll through some gorgeous gardens?

Aug. 18 sounds like fun.

Mary K. IN Rockport

Hooray - a fiber event in my neck of the woods! Running to mark the calendar.


FEEL THE POWER! I'm marking my calendar.


Oh this sounds like fun--I'm marking my calendar!
Seeing your roses was quite a treat--that Autumn Sunset is a stunner. (Are there any rose varieties that do well in shady locations?)

Beth S.

I can hardly wait! :-) This sounds wonderful. :-)


By that time in the summer, I could stand to be revived. Marking my calendar.

Chris H

Oh, your roses are simply beautiful! So, do I understand this to be anopen invitation to the Revival? It certainly sounds like something I'd love to experience.

That Laurie

We have a Gertrude Jekyll, too. Absolutely one of my favorites. Here in Maine the rose season is short, but, oh my, does it smell and look wonderful! Enjoy, enjoy!


What a great idea .... and it's the day after I turn mumblety-five years old, so I can tell B that I want the time for my gift.

Your roses look beautiful. We have a few here, but they're all being gnawed by Japanese beetles. I've put the Young'un after them with is soap-and-water spray bottle set to "soak".


Ooohlala! Revival! Can we get invoved, somehow? A needle-felting booth? Bamboo sisterhood shirts? A knitini station? You need to come to knitini night... next one is July 2 at 6:30 at Chianti... Fun and fiber and KNITINIS!


I have to echo commenter DebiP -- MA? ME? VT?

Susan P

Lovely roses. I especially like the time elapsed shots of the Autumn Sunset...



I do so love roses. And I'd love to come to Fiber Revival, too, but we'll be on our way home from vacation.

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