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Well I googled the name because it looked familiar. The name came up listed on several blog/knit-alongs from a while ago. I don't think its spam but maybe she has you confused with someone else...which seems more likely.


I, too, googled the name. I think the name is Turkish, also think it's spam. Always best to go with your gut instincts here. If unsure leave well alone.
You know, life is too short to chase every dodgy e-mail you might get. I'm not suggesting you be rude, but maybe not worry so much about being polite.



Sounds to me like it's not necessarily spam (or scam)- probably just she has your email address confused with someone else's.


Maybe I'm a real jerk, but it seems kind of spammish to me. I've gotten similar emails. I also regularly get emails from mills in China that want my yarn company (!) to consider hiring them.

Country Mouse

Considering someone with that moniker posted to Yarndex and also participated in Sock Wars, I'd say it's legit but she's confused you with someone else.


I honestly don't know one way or the other. If you have a spam email account like a yahoo or gmail email that you could copy the original and send it back to her saying that you are not the one she needs to talk to. That way you can keep your email safer and still contact her just in case she is legit.

miss ewe

Apparently this "represent" thing is going really well if Knitters are a new spam target! I've gotten two knit-spam e-mails so far (in addition to the usual offers to enlarge "my penis").


mmm in my opinion if she really is tyring to get in touch with you she will try again so go a head and delete it. I have had a couple of Spam messages with subject lines to do with Spinning! we really must be putting fibre pursuits on the map :-)

lisa b

julia...she seems to be a real person and knitter as well. i found her on a knitalong for the galvastan shawl. here's the link and you can find her email there.


Not really sure if she's legit or not, but it seems odd that she would have your email address. Perhaps you'll email her back to let her know she has the wrong person . . .
Glad to hear that you are ok. I started to worry.


There are some awfully clever spammers out there. You're not writing a book? Rats.


The only spam I get is for the program CAD. I'm not an architect, designer or builder, so I don't know why they're after me. I've been fortunate not to get much spam (knocking wood) except for CAD mail. The beauty of living a dull life, I guess.


You get more interesting spam than I do.


oh MNA! i would LOVE to see a picture of you in the garden juggling . . .


Unless she's a super-sneaky-spammonger, she might be for real and just confusing you with another blogger.

Among other things:

1. She apparently participated in a knit/swap: (she is listed in the Friday, September 01, 2006 entry)

2. She's reviewed a colorway at

Of, course it's always possible that someone is using her name.

But, unless she asks you for money or your work in any way, it's probably just a mixup. Create the temporary email to write her back to be sure as Tonia suggested!

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