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I can relate about June -- it's been crazed and I've neglected the poor ole' blog. Thanks for the Kellee update -- I was wondering if the little one had arrived yet!


I can see why you would be spending more time in that garden--gorgeous! Network special? How about a cable channel?


It's June. Gardening and spinning are absolutely allowed. Especially gorgeous gardens and spinning Foxfire batts. That's always allowed.

Beth S.

Ah, you caught the renovating bug! :-) I hope that space is going to turn into Julia's Literary Salon and Fiber Studio. ;-)

Champagne among the roses... sigh.

Oh, and it's way too hot for big angora-blend sweaters anyway. The scarf I'm working on is almost too much, unless I sit directly under the ceiling fan.


Dude, that's totally understandable. I'm glad that you are still there, just hanging out in the background. I guess you couldn't really slip away to spin while hosting a dinner. I'll look forward to see what's happening with the renovations.


You have been busy. Why is it that everything seems to fall at the same time? I hope you can sit down and knit to your heart's content soon. I agree the wheel is catching on. My friend just opened her own knitting/spinning store and she sold a wheel in the first week that she was opened. She hasn't even had her grand opening yet!


We have an ac that we have moved around the living room three times now. Here, no, it would be better over there! I'm about to head out into the noon day sun to do that "last bit of gardening" as if it ever if really done. Please post more photos of your garden! It looks wonderful.


Naturally, I gravitate to the garden picture! Great composition.

Angora + 95 degrees = hell.

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