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Glad to see the wheels mother so happy and healthy, however, I couldn't stop laughing at the Jaywalker on your foot- forgive me. Of all the gall- it's too small after all that? I'd be sooo finished with it too. The stole looks lovely.

Jeanne B.

What the Fluff? Why did the sock do that? Such pretty yarn, too. Too baad you have to tell it to put on its swim fins, it's headed to the Frog Pond. But I truly admire you for having the patience to knit the Stole! Quite lovely.


Yay for the wheel's mother! (And, really, why does noone ever talk about the fathers??) (grin)


Ah, the Jaywalkers. I have the pics ready for a post about them. That's all I'm saying.
For now...


That was quick on the wheel's mother. Glad to hear that it is back and in spining order again.

Dang those socks. Who do they think that they are acting like that?

I just love the stole and watching it as it grows. It is so pretty.

Karen in Moorhead

Oh, that's too bad about the Jaywalkers. Is this a common problem with the pattern? It is a beautiful colorway you were using. They looked lovely. The yarn will make some other pattern very happy looking too.
So glad the wheel will be good as new. Karen


I feel much better. The sight of that poor mangled mother-of-all just wrenched my soul.

Caroline M

I'm sorry about the socks - I had the same problem with mine. I never did feel like knitting them again after the disappointment. I'm glad about the wheel though, did you find that the first thing you wanted to do when it was broken was spin?


Why a bag? Why not frogged?

I haven't knit Jaywalkers for similar reasons. And I knit slower than you. It still hurts lots when I have to frog.


sucks about the jaywalkers.


Yea... that's the thing with the JWs - the don't have a lot of stretch to them. There are larger size modifications out there - but it sucks to find that out 1/2 way through them!


Not to worry! I found my jaywalkers relaxed after their first wash...


So glad the wheel is restored to health. As for the socks, you've got to know when to fold 'em and walk away. Good for you.


Exactly the same problem with the Jaywalkers. Ripped back, bigger size, bigger needles and now it (Yep! only 1 so far) fits just fine. I do love the pattern, but, it is hard to kinda gauge until you get 70% of the first sock done.


I was kind of afraid of that! I have big feet too, and I can BARELY squeeze mine into my (upsized!) Jaywalkers.

Oh well, just be glad you didn't get them completely finished. Bleh.


My Jaywalkers ran smaller than all my other socks, but at least I can wear them. I think it's a tighter pattern than most socks. Sorry you went to all that work!

Mary K. IN Rockport

EVERYONE said that about their Jaywalkers. I started out on size 1 dpns in the smaller stitch count, but fortunately had my friend for whom they are a birthday gift try them before I got too far. Wouldn't go over her ankle. So I did as so many others have suggested and switched to 2s for the leg and heel, and back to 1s for my friend's narrow, long foot, and all is well (to quote from HP #7.) Also, I'm using Tofutsies from Yarns in the Farms, and this yarn is a little thinner and less elastic than many sock yarns, in my opinion. Now, I have some black and white Tofutsies from the same source which I'm hoping I can work up into a nice Hedwig, may she rest in peace. (I hope you know what I'm talking about, or I'm going to feel very silly...)


The stole is looking good. I'm enjoying watching your progress. Sorry to hear about the Jaywalkers! I look forward to seeing the evolution of that yarn into something else. =-D

Kathy W

Obviously the yarn had other ideas about what it wants to be. Listen to the yarn. Be one with the yarn.



BRAVO! Good for you for "finishing" the Jaywalers. Just had myself a little frogging party. And as for the Mother of all, all I can say is PHEW.

Beth S.

At least the wheel has been restored to health. That should help assuage all kinds of knitterly disappointments! :-)

Sorry about those Jaywalkers though. They were so pretty...


Dang! That is really too bad about the Jaywalkers. I guess they really didn't want to be finished? I've thought about that pattern too but the fit issues have worried me and I haven't yet tried it. Not sure that I will. MS is still lookin' good.


personally i love the way you finished those socks!i always say, cut your losses . . .


That sucks about the socks. If you're not going to finish them at least re-claim the yarn. That stuff is really pretty! On the bright side, the mystery stole is coming along nicely.


Man, what a pain. I have only ever finished one pair of top-down socks, and they ended up loose around the leg. My first pair-slouch socks. *sigh*. I prefer toe-up, particularly for the easy-try-on-as-you-go reason. One of my many frogged socks was the Jaywalkers. Mainly, because I didn't feel like I was ready for them yet. I'm a big fan of Queen Kahuna's toe-up method.

Maybe that yarn doesn't want to be Jaywalkers?

Beautiful stole. That reminds me, I have a leaf lace shawl I need to work on...

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