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kim in oregon

I haven't knit the flower basket stole, but that's only because I am Lace Challenged.


*raises hand and lowers head* I haven't knit it yet. I DID cast on for it, but it's languishing in a bin, out of sight and all but forgotten.


i am a bead after knit person too!

Celtic Queen

Get yourself a scunci steamer. They work wonders when blocking. And I'm doing the bead before but have consider bead after for those little areas. Hmmmm.


if (when?) I get around to ripping and re-starting SwallowTail (once known as the graduation shawl...), then I'll start thinking about what color my Flowerbasket will be.

The puppies in the previous post made my heart melt - they're wonderful! I can only imagine what a sight the boy must have been as he played with them.

I found out that my vacation request wasn't approved for the day off on Aug 18th - I'm less than happy but will still continue to think good weather thoughts for everyone planning on going.


I, too, have not knit the Flower Basket Shawl, mostly because I finally got around to knitting my first lace shawl this past winter and now am casting my eye around for the next victim...oops, I meant project. Can you tell me if this shawl is only charted? Or does it have the instructions completely written out as well? I HATE charts with a passion reserved for only a few things and will only knit this if it's written out. Thanks!


I DID make a FSB, but am thinking of making another one with that "Pacific" yarn I just finished spinning . . . I think it would be fabulous lace!


Lora - the pattern for the Flower Basket Shawl that appeared in Interweave Knits a few years ago is charted, but the Fiber Trends sells the pattern with the rows all written out (as well as the chart).

I tried to knit from the chart to no avail, but fairly sailed along when I picked up the FT pattern...

Lee Ann

I haven't knit the Flower Basket Shawl because I am not a triangular kind of girl.

There, I admitted it. In public. You're not the last one. :-)

Katie K

The Flower basket Shawl was my first lace project. I made it last year and I made it too small. Yours looks lovely.

I'm making the MS3 too but without the beads. After reading your blog, I'm glad I chose not to because I'm the sort of person who would really worry about optimal placement. I'm sure yours will be fine.


You're not the last one. I have the pattern but have not cast on for it and have no plans to do so anytime soon. I opted out of beads, but yours are pretty? :-)The placement, etc., I do not know of.


I haven't knit the flower basket shawl. Heck I hanen't tried any lace for that matter. :(

I say put the beads where they make you most happy. If you like them after then put them after. What's a pattern if not to be modified by the knitter. ;)

Lynn in Tucson

If you want some company, I think I'm beading after. Largely because I'm not very good at reading directions...I just assumed that the bead belonged to the stitch its square corresponds to. Does that make sense? So I knit it and then take the new stitch off the right needle, place bead and return it.
I think. I've ripped mine back to the lifeline and haven't looked at it in a week! ;-)


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Do you hear that? It's the sound of me screaming! I wasn't sure which stitch to bead, and I even went to look at the MS3 docs but apparently my reading comprehension is not what it once was and I couldn't find that so I figured that the bead would HAVE to be on the stitch listed in the pattern. Imeanimeanimeanimean....ugh. Well, I'm with you. At least the purl rows are all plain so it's not in a different place, patternwise. But still. Dude.

However, your shawl, however hard-won, is lovely and cheers me to no end. Enjoy wearing it this weekend.


Oooh, I'm excited to see your FBS -- I have yet to knit one.


Don't worry, I haven't knit the flower basket shawl yet so you're a step ahead of me. I'll probably get around to it one of these days but not yet. It is beautiful thought!

Your MS3 is gorgeous! I love the dark colour and your idea for putting the beads on after the stitch is finished is a good one. I might do that on the next one I do.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I haven't tried beading yet. I think this is why.


I, too, admit to not knitting the Flower Basket Shawl. I have the pattern and the yarn but haven't started it.

I'm beading the same way you are, and I like it better. Especially since, if I forgot to put the bead on (usually at the end of the row) I can do it when I purl back and things are still in the right place. I like it better than placing the bead and then working the stitch. Plus, I didn't read the directions either.


I didn't do either of those methods. I prestrung my beads. This places them on one leg of the knit st. This means that they are not exactly in the same position (wrong leg) if you were to look at it as a mirror image. Oh well. It sure makes it easy and I really don't think that when all is said and done, meaning wearing the thing, that I'll see the difference. Have fun this weekend.

Tameson O'Brien

I lack an appropriate sized crochet hook and can't get any of my hooks through the bead, so I use a small length of bead wire and pull the bead through with it.

I also have a flower basket shawl languishing in a closet somewhere around here...lacking the strength to complete it at the time and now that I've gotten my knitting mojo back (Amazing what a complicated pregnancy will take from you isn't it?) I'm on to other things (it will get done eventually!)

Have fun at TKGA! Wish I didn't work weekends.

Dr. Judy

Eh...before...after...what does it matter 1.if you like it 2. if you are consistent? It is YOUR knitting, after all. :D

Beth S.

Just thinking about this beading stuff hurts my head. It sounds utterly crazy-making. ;-)

Flower Basket is timeless. Despite having knit three identical ones for my friend's wedding, I still plan to revisit the pattern someday. I love the idea of knitting one in silk (though it is distressing to hear that you had Blocking Issues... yikes!) And you know that you can knit as many repeats as you like before the edging, yes? It's one of those mathematically perfect designs. Love that.


I have not even started on MS3, so I'm hardly in a position to pick a fight with you, even if I wanted to. Nor have I ever knit a FB (or a clapotis, or a Moth, or a Jaywalker), having this pigheaded swim-against-the-tide streak in my nature.

Why am I signed up for MS3? you may ask. I was, er, swept away, she said, picking seaweed out of her hair.

Elizabeth H.

I have Flower Basket Shawl on my to do list. I have the yarn and needles to do it. DARN IT! - life (significant others)keeps getting in the way, needing this, that and something else. But one day, I WILL get this started!


I do hope to see you and your lovely shawl this weekend. I have not knit the Flower Basket Shawl either as -- gasp -- MS3 is my first shawl! I am also placing the beads after the knit, basically b/c I didn't read the instructions either, so I'm at least in good company (although I don't know in what kind of company that leaves you...).

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