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Origami was the bane of my second-grade existence--couldn't make a swan to save my life. But the zodiac wreath looks great.


I'm considering scrapping my stole, and starting with new yarn. It's only knitting, right?
Love the origami -- have you seen the felted cranes at ?
Very cool.


I so love origami to this day. It still amazes me what a little piece of paper can turn into. Love the use of magazine papers. I actually made wreathes similar to that for christmas ornaments. I used scrap book papers.

Where is that stole pictures? ;)


I used to do a lot of origami. It was very relaxing.

You might enjoy these sites:


Have you seen the recent article on Origami in the June edition of Smithsonian magazine? Wild stuff.

Lee Ann

That's a much more productive use of editorials than I thought it would be, given the post title..., I'm old. Either that or I've been married to French guy for too long already...he claims it's tradition to smoke your citizenship card, for pete's sake. Also, you must say "I am French, I do not care" while you do it. ;-)


Wow! Super cool. I've often wished I could do Origami. But alas - never learned. :(


Just finished chart E on my stole, it is going to be quite long enough I think so I will just do chart F and leave it at that :-) Should be done by Friday :-)


It's a great way to recycle magazines and your origami then holds up very well. I've used it myself for origami bookmarks.


Cool wreath. Never did master folds and critters.


What a great idea for those moms who are caught paperless! Plus it looks fabulous. I love origami (love japanese papers, fabrics, etc.) and the preciseness of the folding process. And at the end of the process, funky objects d'art (sort of!).


Fun. I have a whole unopened pack of origami paper, I can bring it Wed. if you want it. Though I think I like your homemade a little better!


Cracking up at Lee Ann's comment- the same thing crossed my mind initially. Love the zodiac wreath! Mind sharing the folds for this one? It would be a great fine motor exercise for my youngest.


I know all about the obsessions. The walls in my kitchen are covered with various games such as pin-the-tail on the donkey - all made by Bean and therefore varying in levels of accuracy. One wall is covered by pictures of alligators all drawn on sheets of large post-its.

I don't know how much you are into board games, but I introduced Bean to the game "Sorry" over the weekend. True to her genes, she loves it, thus delighting my mother and me who have been waiting until she was old enough to become as obsessed as we used to be!


Maybe he can work his way up to the origami Cthulu? ( originally found on BoingBoing.)


oh that's beautiful!
david has a pair of those shears and i've often wondered about their origins . . .


Neat wreath. My son is also interest in oragami -- also a crafty little dude.

Beth S.

That boy of yours is wicked smaht. I can't believe he's doing unit origami.

All I can fold is a crane. I make them out of Post-Its at work, when I'm bored and caught up on my Bloglines. ;-)


I used to make origami lilies and stick them to the ends of pens to they wouldn't get stolen. I wish I could remember how to make a crane...


I remember reading a story about a girl who was in the hospital and she folded a thousand cranes to make a wish. She used all manner of paper, newspaper, paper wrappers from jars and pill bottles, left over wrapping paper. My bestfriend and I tried doing something like that in highschool but the farthest we got was to 500. We strung them with thread and hung them on a wire hanger and gave them to a lady from her church who was in the hospital. She really loved it.


When I was in fourth grade, I did a group book report on "James and the Giant Peach." For part of our report, we were going to have a 3D model of the peach being carried by all those birds. I was given the lucky job of folding all those paper cranes. Almost ten years later, I can still fold paper cranes.


Excellent origami! What a creative kid you have there!

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