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Lynn in Tucson

Oh, that penguin! Oh, those beads! It's going to be lovely!

I'm going black cashmere and clear beads lined with black, myself. I'm more of a green (or purple) girl these days but, hesitant to _really_ commit to the project (and never having knit lace before), I "recycled" a men's cashmere sweater instead.

Don't ask. The heat must be getting to me.



Love the penguin! How could you have resisted it?.

Sorry to hear about the sweater. Hopefully it will decide to behave when you pick it up again.

That color and beads are going to look great together. I can't wait to see it being knit up.


OMG -- you are too funny. Don't you love love love that shop? Cindy rocks. Thanks to Cheryl, I jumed in on the MS3 group as well, but get this -- I want to spin the yarn. A bit behind the ball, don't you think?? Anyway, I have your fiber for you! See you next time at spinning (it came out great, btw!).

kim in oregon

I'm doing MS3 but mine already looks like a hot mess, so maybe I'll call is Hot Mess 1.

And I almost bought that felted hedgehog kit, just because it was cute, until I looked at the pile o stuff I had already picked out to purchase (I was at a new store) and thought "stop the madness now'.

I keep waiting for your next round of destash!


You were seized by lust, caught up in the moment, ensnared. Plead temporary yarnsanity.


I fell onto the MS3 bandwagon too! I haven't cast on yet though, I still need to get to the bead store and choose some beads.


These things happen to all of us. No less annoying with so much company, but there it is.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

It's the knitting gnomes. Little b*stards.


It is definitely lace season. I think you should switch gears, immediately. How can you knit angora in hot weather, let alone think about it??


I LOVE the Yarn and Fiber Company way over here in Kal E! For Knee Ah. They are my on-line store of choice. What not to like? We lubs them.

Maybe it's summer and pattern reading is bewitched. I didn't do 75% of a sweater but I cast on and did the three rows of garter stitch on my new Rowan pattern three times before I got it right. First I did a seed stitch (huh?), then three rows of stockinette (that is more understandable), then I "mixed and matched". Dear me. After 50 where does your brain go?

Carin (Yarn and Fiber Co)

Hmmm...yeah, time to (temporarily) put away the Noro...It is DEFINITELY lace season and we're so happy you joined us in the MS3 madness!

You did not freak us out at was a fun visit! We're thinking of doing a Friday night lace-along...we haven't picked dates yet (check the blog for that); but, we hope you'll come and join the fun. BTW, I finished Clue 1 today - yay!


I have a time-out chair for the knitting, if you want to borrow it. It can do wonders for yarn behavior problems.

Mary K. IN Rockport

Uh-oh. Exit 3 off 93 you say? I do believe there will be a felted penguin in our future....


I really need for people to stop talking about this stole thing.
I am worthless and weak.


who cares about the heat, the angora colors are gorgeous!


I finished Clue 1. Not without much tinking, row after row of it. I love the pattern so far. How could you possibly say no to something with beads.. I couldn't.

Ellen van der Laan

Have you checked the size on this sweater? I'm a big girl and had to knit the Small size, and even then it is humongous (and yes, my gauge is spot on)! II love it to pieces, a nice sweater to snuggle up in. Just don't wear it with black pants because it sheds like crazy.

Pictures of it can be seen here

I also jumped on the MS3 bandwagon and am anxiously awaiting tomorrow's new clue.


All hail the mighty MS3! That Cedar Helen's Lace, those beads, your shawl shall be scrumptious.


Oh, I love that colour, the harlot's right you are dangerous! I need to keep my 3 boys away from that store.

Chris H

You, Harlot...and God-only-knows-who-else...Ok, so I'm on board with the MS3, and hoping that will finally convince me to remember to take pics of my knitting and post some actual "handcrafted"


We've got the same beads, but I'm using a medium gray yarn! I can't wait to see your progress :o)


I want one of the penguins! So cute!


Who knew I would be succumbing to peer pressure so late in life? I lasted all throughout high school, and now this? I guess I will follow the herd as it will and knit a mystery shawl. You win, fowl temptresses!


I got hooked on to the Mystery Stole too. Although not as far as many. Hopefully I'll get all caught up this weekend, we'll see. How could you say no to the beautiful green and those beads. Mine is bead-less, but mainly because I was too lazy to shop for them.

Too bad about Kochoran.


Hi Moth Heaven,

I'm brand new to your blog and I love it!

I have a bead question. Twice, in two different cities, I've gone into a bead store to buy beads for my lace knitting. Both times I told them the "size" suggested by the designer. Both times they clearly had no idea of what I meant. I know the online bead shops seem to have the same size system as the knit designers, however, the bead shops on the real streets, keep thinking when I ask for a size that I mean 6mm, when I say size 6. Do you know why this keeps happening? When I told them seed beeds that were about .47 mm, then they showed me things that seemed right (unfortunately, both times I didn't have the yarn with me).

Thanks for a great blog!

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