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The poka dot mouse is killer cute!


I will not be lured down that rabbit hole... I'm weak, but I have my limits... Sprinkles is painfully cute...

Caroline M

Mine's seven and he's still exhibiting similar tendencies. Sorry.


Oh, wow, that is too funny. ALl of the animals are terribly cute. You may be making a new animal everyday for quite some time!


Oh! High squeals on the cute-o-meter! Just keep him away from dog books (and over-exposed celebrities) and you might get some knitting done!


ha ha ha! You had me smiling at the Condi comment. And it amuses me that he likes to act out world affairs and then stick the woolies in his pocket. :)


The part that worried me most about this post? That I recognized Sprinkles as soon as the picture loaded.

I'd say the last pup is a Scottie .... and very, very cute. I have no intention of letting my kids anywhere NEAR this book, unless they're going to be felting the things themselves.

Mary K. IN Rockport

Actually, I think those are pretty cute despite your disclaimers, as cute as those animals made by the very young lady at Yarns in the Farms. You have such a way with words - "...treadmill of consumption," hah, hah. And since you now said so yourself, can I remark that your son has such big and charming eyes without sounding creepy? Finally, a felted Condi? Man, I would like to see that!


I've been meaning to make stuff from the book for ages. (I too have the Japanese book even though I don't read Japanese.)
I'm glad I don't have someone making requests of fleece dogs. but I like the ones you made. cute. At least he appreciates them :)


If you could hear me giggling, you'd give me a smack. This is MOST enjoyable.


I have become completely and utterly hooked. After making the first few punchy letters on a felted square I kind of gave up. Then, THEN! I saw that book in a magazine. I made a white pomeranian out of some roving. I requested the book at the library. (I'm fourth on the list) I'm also saving money to justify buying it. That way I can say, "See, I saved. I am practical and I planned ahead-ish." I think I'm going to make my cat next. It's a very dangerous obsession, this needlefelting.
Sprinkles is really, really cute. The cute little spots are charming.


these are soooo cute! I'm a knitter, not (yet?) a spinner, so there's no fleece around to tempt me. Besides, I'm pretty convinced of my inabilities in the artsy department. But you make it sound as if anyone could make these, albeit the kind of anyone who can chart and create fabulous pirate argyle socks . . .

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

At least they're tiny! Can you imagine how busy you'd be if he wanted afghans?


Those are the cutest little things I've ever seen. I gotta have that book!!!!


they are all SO freaking cute! and how adorable that your son is all into your fiber...


You are, indeed, a talented sculptor of wool. It's wonderful that your work is appreciated so much. It's a shame that the needles are so dangerous, otherwise you could teach him to create his own creatures, fullfilling his own demands ! :0)
So, what are you knitting ?


How adorable! Much better that anything I've seen in any store :)


I have that book in English, I got it at Fiber Frolic! I can't figure out felting needles though, they all seem to be numbered. How do I know what number will be good for these little dogs? I have a package of "36 gauge" needles. What are your thoughts on that?


Oh. My. Dog. Those are so cute!


The felted "pets" are adorable! Well done.


I saw the picture before even reading and thought to my self "OMG it is Sprinkles from Blue's Room". I agree about the program. Why can't they leave well enough alone. My 2 year old love it and I do love the way he says Sprinkles, but I just wish that Steve was back and it was the way that it used to be. I never thought of the Sprinkles name as the wetting type. I thought it was because he was sprinkled with spots, but you have a valid point. ;) LOL

Anyway..... they are all so adorable. I have seen that dog book and come close to getting it. Maybe I should think again hu?. :)


Oh the dangers inherent in making someone something he likes! So very cute and so very slave-driving, those cute children. I am quite impressed with your quickly developing new skill.


I don't have children, have only the most basic experience of felting knitted items, but will have to order that book - blogs like yours must be wonderful for Amazon sales! Your pets look just lovely.


Ah needle felting. I have a lamb that many insist looks like a donkey, I think that they are in need of corrective eyewear. I have an 11 yr old who still likes the woolie beasties. The cats like them best. I am gradually emptying tea out of a sampler packet someone gave me, filling the bags with catnip and felting around those. Feline heaven.


How excellent that he is so interested in creating things with fiber!!!

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