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See you tomorrow! FYI, there was an announcement for the Fiber Revival in my local "Town Crossings" newspaper yesterday :)


And we are all SO grateful! Thanks, dear.


Wow do you think you could sell you soul for weather like that here?? ;)

Chris H

Oh, I'm sooo hoping I can make it! I forgot that we'll be in East Killingly, CT for the weekend. Mapquest says it's only about 2 hours away.... Wonder if the family will miss me for a bit?


excellent! thanks Julia, see you tomorrow...


You weren't using it anyway, were you?

I look forward to seeing you and my fellow Revivalers tomorrow! I can't help but picture you delivering a sermon while wearing a white knitted robe and clutching a copy of The Opinionated Knitter.

sara l

see you tomorrow, and of course, we are bringing ourselves some chairs too.......oh yes and the kids too.


See you there! Thanks for the sacrifice!


And I thank you for that soul sale as it appears that the gorgeous weather will continue down the Atlantic seaboard into New Jersey where I have a very fancy wedding to attend. The thought of chiffon and heels in 90+ degree weather with serious humidity was daunting, but now I can enjoy the fancy dress AND wear a hand knit lace shawl without swooning! :)


I can't believe we will be having a high of 77 the next two days in Delaware - I love this kind of weather!


Woohoo!!! Sounds like a gorgeous day for sitting around and knitting. I'll be there with my knitting in tow and NO kids!

Mary K. IN Rockport

Can't wait -- I'm bringing a friend, two chairs, money for lunch and perhaps some other unspecified purchases, and several UFOs.

Perhaps you could make a Horcrux - oh wait, I just remembered you have to murder someone to put part of your soul into a Horcurx.


You are too funny. The whole soul thing...what were you using it for anyway? ;]


I'll remember your power in February...


See you in the morning! Will there be lunches and beverages to available to buy? Or do we bring our own?


Oh, never mind- you already covered the lunch thing 2 posts ago :-0 Is there an available fridge there?

Kat with a K

Yay, can't wait! You mention chairs, but would picnic blankets work too?


Sounds like lovely weather! Have a great time tomorrow!


Have a great day!


Thank you! Want help in bargaining your soul back?

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