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Those are some nice looking argyles! I love the color choices.


Your Mom is one great knitter. The sock looks great!!!

Moondance is adorable! I would love to have alpacas.


Tell your Mom the socks are gorgeous! Argyle socks--I've not been brave enough to try that yet, though I did do an argyle sweater for my sweet hubby years and years ago.


Your mom did a GREAT job.

The alpaca pegs the cute-o-meter. I LOVE her.


Oh, what beautiful socks! It's great that your mom knits! I like the Nancy Bush analogy too. ;-)

sara l

I just purchased some Sisu @ Yarn & Fiber a few weeks back, i was thinking "man's scarf", now i'm thinking socks. Awesome!


Very nice socks. I'm in a quandary - I love argyle, but hate intarsia...


Did you know that Sisu in Finnish translates to something like an inner toughness, like a strong willed spirit. Or so I've been told. Anyway, an excellent name for a sock yarn.

I just started a pair of knee socks from a vintage pattern using vintage (smell mothballs here) Bernat yarn. I truly admire your mom's handiwork. But I'm only giving in on two inches.

Can't make the fiber frolic--hope you take lots of pictures. Have fun!


Beautiful incredible socks!


I've had your argyle instructions bookmarked forever. These socks are another big nudge!

Beth S.

Now I see where you get it from. :-) Your mother does beautiful work!

Sisu's lovely stuff, isn't it? It's very soft for a no-frills, non-merino sock yarn. I like it.


Beautiful socks! That baby alpaca is making me swoon. I can scarcely stand it.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

First of all--that's a handknit argyle? My gosh. My plain jane socks aren't anywhere near as perfect as that. Second, that baby alpaca is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I love the napping-with-kid shot.


Those are awesome! But I love the colors you used on yours. They make me happy! :D


Wow, those socks are fantabulous. Tell your Mom that she rocks. I need to check out some of that yarn. I love the solid colors and to be able to do something that beautiful is a new goal of mine.


ok, that pick of the little girl loving the cria -- literally took my breath way. sigh.
Rockin'socks, btw.


Go mom!!! The socks are great!! Being an eternal Yuppie, I just can't get over how much I love argyle anything!!!

They look look great!!


I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me, as well. I loved your Arrrgh-yle pattern so much that I let it inspire me to make butterfly argyles. I've finished one, and am starting the second. I have in-progress pics on my blog. Thanks for brining back a lost art!


Those are beautiful socks. Your mom did such a great job. I love that she has returned to knitting argyle socks for your dad, very sweet.

Lee Ann

But I like ribbing.

Brilliant job, Julia's mum.


It looks great!


The sock looks great and the baby is soooooo cute. I especially love the "resting" picture!


I enjoyed the soapbox portion of this post particularly... yeah, I know, I *would* like that.

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