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We all know the *real* reason why you're not responding to comments. You're too busy "knitting."

Love that sleeve!


I would have to agree with colleen^^^
I think you might have more done if you were not sooo busy "knitting".

Beth S.

Leopard mittens... that sounds like intarsia...? Though I guess they could be stranded if the 'spots' were small enough. Anyway, that's a really wicked plan you've got. ;-)


That sleeve is so pretty. I love it!

Kathy W

Good luck with the washing. I hope there are no horror pictures like she had.

Knitting fidelity is hard. I guess that's why I'm such a promiscuous knitter.


As someone who can't master a YO and will hurl my work across the room, I admire your will to stick it out. You could just knit that sleeve and nothing else and I would be forever impressed. But hurry up--I'm intrigued by leopard mitts! :)


Sooo beautiful! With something that pretty, project monogamy can't feel too bad!


Desperately trying to think of something witty... gack. Nice sleeve.


Hehe, too busy "knitting", eh? Yeah, I guess I have nothing witty to say either, ::sigh::

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