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well done! i'd have done the same, the wristlets are beautiful!
also, very jealous here: still 18 rows away from the end of China Cloud...


Victoria... this is, without a doubt, my next wheel. I am now convinced of your dedication to the sleeve. I'd lock myself in a room with bottled water and power bars, and that sweet, beautiful wheel.


You little min - picking up another wheel. Pretty please bring it for show and tell next week? Its one I've been wanting to try out....


Ummm - that should read "you little minx" ;-)

Mrs. Brooke

I just discovered your do beautiful work! I'm looking forward to how this is all going to turn out!

Beth S.

Oh my goodness, it's a Victoria!... Hooray! I hope you love it. :-) Please let us know how it compares to the Joy; I've been wondering about that.

And there are plenty of beautiful beaded wristwarmer patterns out there, and we know how you are with the beads... ;-)


Wow you showed some serious restraint only spinning for an hour.

The sleeve looks wonderful. I am sure that it will all be fine since it was measured against another sweater of similar construction.


You already tore out the sleeve and bound off the sts, so this is sort of moot- but you could (if you decide to try again with the lengthening), rip to the top of the final full flower repeat, switch to the pattern on the body of the sweater. That would *match* colorwise. Of course, the finished sweater wouldn't look like the pattern picture, but the change would look fine, I think.


Yay, you are done with the sleeve! If you're good with it, then so be it. New spinning wheel, eh? You'll be a busy, busy bee.


Ooh, fun toy!

Drop sleeves will fool you every time. Smart you finding another one to measure. Fingers (and wrists) crossed.


How many wheels do you have? Is an intervention eminent?


Good plan. And, hey, those wrist warmers looks pretty nice, so worst case scenario. Use the new wheel well!


Great idea to compare to another well-fitting sleeve. I really like those wristers though. They'd be nice even if not necessary.


It's going to be perfect, gorgeous and wonderful! Whoo hoo to the cast off!


Hair show?


A knitter's gotta do what a knitter's gotta do.


I got the Victoria about 1 month ago and I had a tough time getting use to it let me know what you think. I had to really tighten the tension in order to get my fiber to wind on to my bobbin. If you discover any helpful hints let me know. My other wheel is a Ashford Trational single treadle and I love her.


I am so behind on blogs it's not funny. I love the bag you're working on. As for sweater sleeves, I'm right there with you. I'm not tall (5'6") but I have freakishly long arms and legs. Think Kermit the Frog. Can't buy "tall" sizes for tops because my torso is very short and things hang.

But anyway.

Good luck with the second sleeve. I hope it works out lengthwise and if, not, you can always rip and add on after all, right? (Or stick the whole sweater in the closet for several years, as I would do.)

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