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Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Aaargh. I have that problem every time. Now, I adjust all the patterns up front to be at least two inches longer in the body and one inch longer in the sleeves--more if it looks short on the model, who has got to be shorter than I am (I'm 5' 11" and lanky--i.e. size small, which makes for even shorter garments). That would drive me crazy with a sweater where the size and the pattern are interconnected like that. I still love that sweater, though, and I can't wait to see it finished.

Annie Driscoll

I have the exact same problem with Starmore patterns, too. I suspect European models of having preternaturally short arms.


I have the same problem in reverse. I'm short plus even accounting for that, I have short arms. So, I'm always having to cut out huge swathes of arm which throws off the stitch count. There is alot of invention on my sleeves. God only know what I'd do if confronted with actual stranded knitting.


would you do better to pick out the wrist, knit what you need and graft it at the wrist?


Well, I admire your tenacity and determination. The sweater shall surely turn out well.
I wonder if you could do the sleeve "cap" in the same pattern as the body, adding that beige pattern to the top of the sleeve in such a way that it mimics the transition from the hem up? (if that makes any sense at all - I seem to be fumbling with words today.) It would be a change from the pattern, but would get rid of the color-next-to issues.


Ouch! It is still the most beautiful sleeve ever :).

I have the same problem although I'm not tall - but I have long legs, which in turn gives me long monkey-like arms.


Crap I hate it when that happens. Is there any way you could put in another repeat bringing you back to the pink? Not sure if that would be way too long or not.


Um. Perhaps knit to the red section, then if you need more length, pick out the wrist and knit a ribbed section down? or something? I know you'll figure something out and it'll look stunning.


I know it will be hard for you to believe that me, being the short person that I am, actually begat a tall daughter who has those same long arms and legs.

Today we went school shopping, with a new school dress code in hand....agghh! It is not easy covering those long arms and legs, so I do truly feel your pain!

Caroline M

Don't you feel a bit cheated? It's not as if it fitted the model and didn't fit you - it is too short on her too.


My sis made that sweater for my niece when it appeared in IK some years ago. She knit from the shoulder down, as my niece has quite long arms and she is glad she is my niece. Either way, that sweater is a beauty, sometimes I think it should be framed and hung for display like the art it really is! Congrats on a great job.


Urgh! This is a study in perseverance, for sure.




For what it's worth, which is not too much since this is wayyyyy beyond my knitting abilities, and well, i'm really in awe of it.
Can you pull out some extra poppy red& persimmon, fudge if you will, so there is more poppy red and persimmon on the extended part, but then transition into the pink just as you approach the top, so it looks like the same transitions as the rest of the sleeve, except the darker parts are extended a bit more.
If you follow with the same "fudging" on the other sleeve, then it will be symmetric. we can pretend it's the dye job on the yarn that has extended it.
good luck!


I would finish as per pattern then work a piece and graft it to the end of the sleeve. That way, that extra piece could be any design!

Mary K. IN Rockport

My sympathies. I think sometimes that knitting time is spent thinking through these tricky issues as much as it is spent actually making stitches.


My sympathies! Definitely add something to the bottom part of the sleeve and not muck with the upper bit.


Maybe you should just finish the sleeve and knit some nice wristers... We like wristers, don't we? Nice and warm? Interesting underneath sleeves?

Oh maybe not. I was trying to be positive.


I also vote for messing with the wrist. Or, add some of the beige body design to the top of the sleeve. I'd be afraid that half a flower up there would look awkward.


Or you could wear some nice chunky bakelite bracelets. Yeah, yeah, I know. Regardless of the pattern's shortcomings, I bow to your knitting mojo. It's beautiful!


I would just knit the sleeves the length that you need them to be. It would never occur to me that the design was *wrong* if the colors at the top of the sleeve didn't match the main colors of the sleeve opening.

That said, reknitting the wrist would work too, with less yarn and time- or tear the entire wrist out, and work a plain section at the bottom directly below the patterning, and then reknit knit the wrist as the pattern shows.


I feel your long sleeve pain. I absolutely always - without fail - have to add at least two inches to sweater sleeves. Always. I try to be positive about it (even when I'm so sick of my dpns I want to scream), reminding myself that for once I will have a sweater whose sleeves actually cover my wrists.

Beth S.

You'd still be in the same boat if you were knitting from the shoulder down, I think, but the pattern ending in a weird spot right above the cuff would be much stranger! ;-)

You'll figure something out, and it will be beautiful. :-) I think I'd just keep going in pattern myself, and not worry about it. That would look more natural than inserting stripes or peeries or whatnot.


Assuming that those are 7" DPNs it looks like you may need more than 1-2" and longer is better than shorter so maybe keep going until you hit pink again?


It must be the full moon or something. There are way too many knits acting up...

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