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Jo in Boston

Don't worry, we'll bring chairs. Food, too, probably. Actually, as long as there is yarn, chairs and food are both pretty irrelevant.


That looks like it's going to be awesome. I hope it goes well enough for there to be another one next year. :)


It will be great, no matter what... We are coming and WE WILL LOVE YOU no matter what. You are so BRAVE!

Tink and Wink
Yarns in the Farms


I wish I could come I'd love to see that many spinners but distance prevents it. On the chair thing don't worry, when I was a city person I brought a chair to any event in the country since I was sure there wouldn't be any. Now that I'm a country person I still have a chair and a blanket in my trunk.

alpaca Kath

Maybe we should include a chair-making workshop, including felted chair pads! We've covered the bases, and we can always get more food (fishes and loaves; after all, this is a Revival. Hallelujah!). Maybe we can have it air dropped from the planes at PI Airport. We're really not out in the COUNTRY country. And, we have all of the ingredients: location, fiberholics, workshops, vendors, animals, and food. A happening is upon us. YAY!


We keep chairs in the Yukon. LOL Just used to the BYOC I guess.

I so wish that I could be there. I am sure that it will turn out great.


I always have two chairs in the trunk of my car, guess that makes me a country girl? ;) We drove right past said airport yesterday morning on our way to the beach. The weather was indeed stunningly perfect.


Same here....there are always 2 chairs in the back of my just never know :-)


Chairs. Got 'em! In fact, they usually live in my trunk for the summer.


Hey, they can sit on the tractor! I would totally come and buy stuff if I didn't live at the bottom of the country. And I would bring 2 chairs. I hope you have a terrific turnout.


Sounds great! Wishing I could be there too . . .


Got it. I'll bring chairs.


Don't worry about me, not talking to you! I'm going just as crazy wondering if I'll have enough product, but then, it shouldn't be that bad -- but what if it is! But no, it is just a first year thing, but NO! these are fiber people! We travel in packs! AHHHHH!
So, I guess we will just roll with it, eh?
(Crossing fingers and toes...)


Summer baseball season may have ended with a bang today, but my chair will stay in my car. Please breathe, you're starting to worry me ;-) It's going to fine and a TON of fun no matter what.


I'm hoping to be there!


Hmmmm. My husband absconded with our chairs for his business trip so I foresee a trip to Target or similar in my future (because, really, we needed more chairs anyway.) Here's hoping the weather stays this gorgeous and if it doesn't? That's why we have GoreTex. Fiber people always prevail. :)

Linda D

I think I own three folding chairs - I will bring them all. :-)


Hey, everything will be just fine. My advice...Take a deep and cleasing breath...See, Better? This is going to be the first year of many more to come...have faith. I am going to share space with Heather. I'll bring what I think will be of interest to knitters and spinners alike...with chair in hand, see ya Saturday...Joanne of A Knitter's Garden


2 chairs in the back of my car. See you then!


Oooh, I can't wait to take a listen! It will be great to hear you. I'm sure plenty will bring chairs and will show up. So is the event mostly fiber-based for spinners or are there things for knitters too? I ask because I was trying to get Cynthia out there to come, but she thought it might be more geared towards spinners. She says she doesn't want to learn (ha-ha).


If you build it, they will come.

I'm sorry that I have to miss it. I have a family reunion that day and since my grandmother is still sick, I can't miss time with her.

Try to have fun. Remember to stand back and enjoy some.


I lied--my chairs and I will probably not make it on Saturday. Something has come up. Just in case you were needing a rough headcount...

frecklegirl jess

I just checked the weather and it looks perfect! 75 degrees- woohoo!

(I'll bring my own chair.)

You did a great job on the podcast.


First year is always a hand-wringer. Our first PMFA was a terrific weekend and I know this will be, too! You have a lot of experience going to these events and must know that fiber folk show up no matter what the weather. I am really looking forward to enjoying FR once I get set up. (Am I the half?) My tent is all ready to go and I am packing my boxes. Tomorrow I do dyes!
Yahoo! It is going to be great - don't worry!

blogless sharon

dounds like a great time Ill be there

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