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Where'd that Poetry in Stitches pattern come from again? I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love it. (Maybe not enough to knit it, though.)


Oh, yeah, if you're close to the end of the second toe, gotta finish that one. I'm on a second sock and just at the toe decreases, so I'm trying to get that one done, so I can move on to newer projects or other less-finshed objects. Poetry in Stitches sweater, so pretty. Keep working on that sleeve too. Truly beautiful!


It is going to be beautiful! It is hard to work on something though when the drive is gone. I am working on a vest for my daughter who loves the yarn.....and so do not.


The thrill of finishing the sock will give you just that little boost you need to get to warp speed on the sleeve.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

No, no, no! No distractions. I really want to see this one finished!


oh! the permissions you can grant yourself when you've finished this! As if you'll need any reward besides the absolutely gorgeous sweater you have, but a carrot or two is never a bad idea.


I'm loving the pics from the renewed passionate engagement with the Poetry in Stitches sweater. I also second the question of where the pattern came from.


Go William go!

Must wear sweater for first frost.


Having pored over the Poetry in Stitches book many, many times, I cannot wait to see your completed sweater. That's such a lovely design.


forget the sock. the sock is nothing. the Sleeve is All.


Pretty, pretty!


Oh, boy is that gorgeous!

Beth S.

You are SO good! :-) I'd have finished the sock... and maybe cast on a new one, after a thorough investigation of the stash and contemplation of the pattern queue... and then gone outside to pull weeds, maybe... and what do I want to make for dinner?... Etc. And the sleeve would still be tiny.


OMG, how absolutely gorgeous!!!!! And so intricate.


I hear you! you are not alone
20 rows away from finishing last sleeve on China Cloud:
must keep going, must keep going, must keep going

did you say new Rowan Mag? where is mine, again?


Keep on going on the sleeve. Just imagine how good it will feel to finish off a project once the sleeve is done. Double Whammy accomplishments!


That was very funny, I resemble that remark! Did someone say LEOPARD MITTENS????? Oh do tell, tell, tell. You know I will just work myself up into something unattractive if you don't tell me!


Do the sock! (Sounds obscene, doesn't it?)


Ok I will give you the second sock since you are that close to the toe. ;)

OMG is that pretty! How can you be distracted from it? Well other than the sock that is soooo close to being done.

sunne pollart

The sleeve looks amazing! I am using her floral designs for our christmas stockings. I can't wait to see how the sweater looks when it is finished!!

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