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No kidding - The community, inspiration, support and encouragement has been wonderful for me too! I even reconnected with a High School classmate via our knitting is such a small world...but so very comforting!!


I know what you mean. I used to write mysteries, and though it's wonderful that people remember them fondly, it's also odd that people come to my knitting book signings to complain to me that I'm writing knitting books.

But the world of knitting blogs is not only inspiring, it's fascinating and amazing, and filled with amazingly good writers. I'd want to read what everyone has to say even if knitting wasn't the current driving force in my creative life.


We all understand each other. Let the muggles do their thing and we will do ours.


I didn't know that's why you started blogging. It must have felt like a true life line then. The community we've created is a wonderful one.


In my corner I have Byzantine mosaics of the Ravennan period, medieval British literature (quoting Chaucer in the original is soooooo useful), religion, and then a proliferation of degrees in things like Library Science and business.

I started blogging at a similar period in my life - no issues with the toddler but a few with myself. It's been fun and it's nice "knowing" people all over the world.


Exactly! Very well said! I don't tell my muggle friends about the blog either. Unfortunately my husband likes to tell people because he thinks we knitbloggers are a really clever bunch.


Except my non-knitting friends and family seem quite intrigued and keep coming back for more!


well, exactly.

(ah, crazy science guy. I was thinking about him this morning, oddly enough.)


Muggles!!!! My step-sister told me she looks at my blog all the time, I wouldn't know because she never leaves a comment. But she just skims through all the "knitting and wool stuff to find out what's going on in my life." KNITTING AND WOOL STUFF IS GOING ON IN MY LIFE!!!!! I told her actually I have some pretty funny stories if she will read them. The only thing I got out of that was a grunted yeah. Muggles!!!! How do they live without wool?


Thank you!!! I too have had a string of obsessions - backpacking, wedding planning, travelling, gardening, rock climbing, the list goes on - and I just don't see why anyone would say that knitting, of all the things I've been obsessed with, KNITTING is the weird thing they just don't get.


You do know, of course, that there is a way of making your page invisible to google. Ask me how I know that.


The latest news on Ravelry is they have signed up nearly 10,000 users and have 19,000+ waiting for invites! I know this doesn't answer your question on the number of knitting blogs but it does say something about how huge the community is.


I was horrified the first time that a muggle friend made a reference to something that indicated that he found and read my blog. It's a public thing, but it's also like a little secret society. Now, however, I'm quite open about it. Love me, love my knitting (and knitblog!)


Nothing I do seems particularly easy, LOL. You must have forgotten the miscrossed cables, the wrong gauge, the mismatched socks... RU kidding - knitting is hard! :b

What did you study in grad school?

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Our shared obsession is why we're all here. It's the community that keeps up here. The weirdest search that ever found my blog was "beer nuts". I swear, I don't know how. I've never even eaten a beer nut, much less blogged about them.


I wish I'd had a blog when my children were toddlers. I'm sure it would have helped. Now I'm an empty nester, and the knitting blog world does help keep me connected.


Your blog is definitely one of the highlights of my blog-reading time. So glad you are "one of us," however obsessed you think that makes you!

Lynn in Tucson

Hmmm...I notice that customers who bought the Ward book also bought "Necro Citizenship: Death, Eroticism, and the Public Sphere in the Nineteenth-Century United States (New Americanists)." I'd say that, by comparison, your "obsessions" look pretty tame! ;-)

The BeadKnitter

I started blogging in March of this year because I was lonely too. I had closed my yarn shop last year and suddenly found myself at home all the time with nothin' to talk to but two dogs and two cats (we live on a 380 acre timber farm. So there are no neighbors near me). I really missed the social interaction of seeing customers every day. The loneliness was actually excruciatingly painful! So I started a blog--mostly to talk about my passions (knitting and beading) and let off steam about the turn my life has taken. I don't have nearly the readership you do, but I feel like I'm talking to 'someone out there'. It has helped me get through the grief of losing my store, and given me whatever it was I needed to 'get out there and make new friends'. I've joined a knitting club, a beading club, and got a job teaching beading since March.


yeah, my friends have an "oh, that's niiiice..." attitude about my blogging, but at the same time, they want me to make them things.

but there are blogs about just about everything, and people dork out about programming, video games, etc., and get an audience.

we like your obsession, it grips us as well. :)


Maybe they'll start to wonder what it is about fiber that enthralls you so, and then you'll snag them and enable them on their own fiber obsession someday. :-)


This is what I'm saying! The husband just doesn't understand that this is my adult interaction! Not to mention only adult knitter interaction!


So, half a dozen to a dozen paragraphs a day is a lot? Wow, I know I communicate about other topics during the day far more than that amount. Blogs are the on-line version of the knitting circle or quilting bee. I am certain in years past, the participants did not confine their discussion to the task at hand.

The general topic may be knitting/spinning related, however, so much more is done and accomplished. I would guess a person making that comment does not have a blog, but I could be wrong.


My gf doesn't even understand...even though she lives with me and my yarn and books. She often makes comments, 'I guess to find out what's going on with you, I have to read your blog'. I think that's kind of insensitive. I can't share everything with her...she won't understand the horror of a dropped stitch of frogging days and days of work. But we all understand each other, because we've all been there.

And the day I get recognized for the sweater on my back...I will laugh my ass off! That will be the height of my knitting fame!


I'm sorry. I think I'm missing something here. You're saying you have friends who don't knit??? How does that work? And why? I think maybe you need to be more selective in your friendships, Julia. Either that or teach them all how to knit.

One of my brothers looked at may blog, and the best he could come up with was, "It looks like you put a lot of work into it." That was it. Clearly at a loss.

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