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Nice Marina Piccolas! Who are those for? And the boy's leopard mitts are going to be so cute.


I love your Koigu sock! What size needles do you use with KPPPM? I can never seem to get a good sock gauge, and would be curious to see how you do it.

kim in oregon

Love the leopards. But where's the yarn for sale? I'm getting antsy.


Those mittens are going to be adorable.

The sock looks great so far. The pattern is really pretty.

Yummmm look at that spinning. The colors are beautiful.

You just want to keep as many sock knitting machines to yourself. ;) I would love to find one at a flea market or something. I think it would be fun.


Cool mittens! Wild, in fact ;-)


The mitten is adorable. And that fiber is lovely - TOTALLY pansy, my favorite flower.


You're spinning my song with that Pansy on the Victoria...
Very, very nice -- love the colorway for Marina Piccola.

Beth S.

The leopard mittens are TOO COOL. The Boy is going to be one smartly accessorized kid this winter! :-)

You + the Victoria = bliss? Good, good. :-)


You know, if you reversed the colors on that leopard mitten you'd get Shadow Leopard Mittens.

It just came to me, although I think the leopards that made me think of it are actually called Cloud Leopards.

I should probably go eat lunch now, I think I'm babbling.


Way to start stuff!

I am totally wishing for a sock machine. I see them for a few hundred dollars on eBay now and then, but I was warned by someone who owns one that they should go for about $3,000 if you want one that works.

Yikes. I can hire someone to knit socks for that much.

Since I find it faster to spin my own sock yarn than to knit the socks (which is why there are so many unfinished ones lying around here) I think I need a CSM to help me along, even if I tear my hair out learning to use it.



You're off to a good start on many things. I've been bitten by the startis bug myself, with lots of new projects on the needles. The start to the leopard mittens is spectacular. I love it.


I do love those Leopards.

Marina Piccola is RIGHT at the top of the literal pile on the bedroom floor. I'm trumped. *sigh*


Leopard mits looking good!

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