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I saw Cheryl in the sweater. It was fabulous on her.


Well "together" is maybe not quite the word for what we are doing, seeing how much you have done there, and knowing that I have knit exactly half of the back hem.
And seeing how nice and fuzzy yours looks there I'm rethinking my "not washing the yarn" stance. Mine looks all scraggly.


I so wish I could have been there. Sounds like it was a fabulous time. I've been itching to make Arwen, myself, and I just love the deep navy you are using. I've been pondering a sweater in just that color.

Mary K. IN Rockport

The Arwen IS tempting. Now I have to check the IK pattern to see how the cable is formed to make it reversible. But first I have to finish my other Kate Gilbert project, the Baby Pea Pod sweater.


oh, so very jealous


Sounds like a fun class! I love the lace yarn bon-bons.

I think Arwen is a great choice and is a pattern that has been on my short list for a while. Can't wait to see it grow!


Thanks to you and bought the Arwen pattern last night. Now I have to figure out what yarn I'm going to use to knit it up. Yours sure looks nice.


The cable is indeed genius. I am busy using it (well, not it, exactly, but its relatives) all over the place.


When Galina teaches I always try to go, isn't she just wonderful? When you come out you feel, well, enhanced. Taller, somehow. She carries with her traditions that just didn't come down from hand to hand in my family. I like her tools, I like her yarn, I love her lace. Clearly, another fan.


What do you think of Arwen in Skye Tweed? I have 11 balls in brown that were destined for a Sunrise Circle, but I like Arwen's fit better. Of course, I'm still thinking about Pearl Buck . . .


Yep.......that sweater was made for Cheryl........she wore it like a dream!


Oooh - I hadn't thought to put the Angora soft and that pattern together! I have scads of it still. Dammit, another in the queue.


Angora Soft? Hmm, I remember when you went on that shopping excursion last year. Sounds like a beautiful marriage of yarn and pattern, good for you.

I've met Galena before at Estes (see reason for you to come out to CO)and bought some of her lovely yarn. I really should sign up for a class at next year's festival.


Oh, that will be such a snuggly sweater! Hmmmm ....


Reversible cable? How did I miss that part?? I'll have to go and have a better look at that pattern...


Sounds like a wonderful time.

Beth S.

I wish I had bought some of that yarn too! What a brilliant idea to use it for Arwen. And I'm going to watch with great interest while you lengthen it, because I want to do the same thing. ;-)

And I love Leslie's work. She's really nice, too. :-)

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