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What a great picture of Cheryl and Lily. Wonderful day..have fun at SOAR. We'll be thinking of you.


Sounds like a lovely day and that is a beautiful picture of Cheryl and Lily. Have fun at SOAR, sounds great!


It was a wonderful day! Lorrie's Lendrum was fabulous to spin on- I do love me a Saxony wheel including yours!


Looks like a great time.


It looks like fun! Where did you all meet? I love the picture of Cheryl and Lily!


Love those big wheels... I'll miss you at Rhinebeck.


Isn't that a beautiful picture of Cheryl and Lily. I also loved Lorrie's wheel. Just realized that I didn't give your big wheel a spin -- next time. Have FUN at SOAR -- we will miss you at Rhinebeck.


You got some wonderful photos of the day and I'm impressed that you posted them so quickly. I will miss you at Rhinebeck but I know you'll have a fabulous time at SOAR.


Lovely photos! It was some fun day, wasn't it?


Great pictures! What a fun time!


Have a fabulous SOAR. You will learn so much. And the fibermart is legendary. I hear the lines are vera vera long at Rovings.


Lily is beyond adorable. And Cheryl is a Baby Whisperer.

It was a fun day, even for those of us who don't spin (yet).

Cindy D

A special day with special people doing what we all love.....................Spinning! Have a great trip to SOAR!


i am so envious of all you guys!
my emails to you keep coming back for some odd reason, thanks for the carpal tunnel comment!

The Feminist Mafia

I'm so sad that I missed it. My creaky antique was hoping to covort with the newer sleeker models. Alas, Little Man and I needed to escape for the weekend. Next time.

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