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Clearly, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that :)


I love that Lion Brand sweater (how freaky is it to say *that*), but, unfortunately, I would look like hell in it. All over cables in worsted weight yarn do not work on 5'1" and busty. I have learned this through bitter experience. What I need to do is figure out how to size it down for the Bean!


O.M.G. that last one just grabbed me by the throat and will not let go. As if I didn't have a big enough backlog already.

I hate people like you.


They are all so pretty. It would be hard to choose.


I like that last cable. For some reason, I see trees and roots in it.


I wore Kate's Arwen for a while this weekend and now I have to make one. I love it. It was perfect for me. Her entire collection looked good on me actually, she's the perfect designer for my shape.


You already are chic on a stick. I LOVE that Lion Brand pattern -- I think I saw it some time ago at a craft (gasp) store and did a double take. Alas, it is not for me (too much sweater, not enough legs), but would look FAB on you.

Rachel H

I like your design urges very much. Looking forward to seeing which one takes you over.


When you say "new and improved" Arwen, what's been changed? I love the design and started knitting it, only to discover the sleeves would have been 3/4 on my ape arms and have been trying to figure a fix. Any chance Kate's already done the work for me?

Linda D

I love the Arwen so many, but that last cable is mesmerizing. I followed the link to the book - Amazon in kanji - heh! Any chance that book exists in English? Or do you read kanji? And if you do, will you translate it for me? ;-)

Beth S.

They do such incredible things in Japan! That last cable would be stunning in a sweater, I agree.

And I have Arwen on the brain too. Might start it once I get CPH off the blasted needles, sometime next century (sigh.)


Glad to hear that Earnshaw is done and sans a third arm too! Any of those sweaters would look great on you.

We missed you at Rhinebeck! Hope all is well...


Hm... ribbed tunic would suit you for sure, but those design urges sound pretty great too. I love that cable pattern! Looking forward to seeing what you choose. :)


Arwen rocks; I've been fantasizing about a real yarn splurge for that. And those Pringle/Lion Brand cables are going to haunt me.


Hard to choose. I'm an Arwen fan. I'd just heard about the new version.


I think that Kate Gilbert was wearing that very same Arwen at Rhinebeck, and now I want to make it myself!


I'm curious as to what's new and improved on Arwen? You definitely have cables on the brain. I don't think you can go wrong either way with any of the options you have up there. The last cable design is so intriguing.

Gwen in Bowmanville

Coming out of the woodwork, here, so to speak. I love all of those things you have on the brain. But that last cable pattern has me thinking of Robert Frost. You know -- "...the woods are lovely, dark and deep..." I'd be most curious to see what you do with it.

And now that you've put up that link to amazon japan, I see that I'm going to have to learn to read kanji.


I'm all about the big hug from the wool. Right now I'm getting mine from my KP&S pullover. Added bonus ... I've learned that Rowanspun Aran is spit-up proof.

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