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I'll be sleeping too, much as I wish I could go get some Rhinebeck magic. (The trouble is, I've spun none of my Rhinebeck fiber, so home is a good place for me.)

Linda D

The video of Abby plying made me laugh out loud with wonder. I can imagine the effect upon seeing it in person. Wow!

And thanks for sharing the school bus shot. Looks like nothing's changed - I had to sit like that back then, too. Poor us! heh.

Abby Franquemont

Omigod that shot of Juno wows me! I literally told her I was totally jealous to meet her and discover that she's as tall as I wish I was (and thank Ghod for Stephanie bailing me out by explaining how shorter folk dream of someday towering over the people we look down on, er I mean other people, er... uhhhh.... this is exactly how I felt having just totally blurted that out to Juno). But I never thought about it from that perspective. I just can't get past thinking "But if I was over 6 feet tall then I'd rule the world with an iron fist and they'd all be sorry!"

In other news, a confession. I spindle ply like a little girl. The big girls... the big girls make me look like a total idjit. Vis:

1:40 into that video is the clearest view. Notice what she's plying from. It's a skein of yarn, loose, draped on her arm. And I'm talking TWISTY yarn too.

(and, yeah... actually, a lot of those ladies are, in fact, "the big girls" that I wanted to live up to, and some are my peer group, and they really do all make me look like the slow kid who's bound to get picked last for dodge ball)


SOAR sounds like an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing some moments with us.


Such a great catch on showing the winding tool link. They are so hard to find. The critical element is that I use those black latex rubber bands that are for little girl braids, ouchless. Others just don't hold up as well. And a weaving bobbin collects the thread. Sold my electric bobbin winder after I started to use this.

As to the pic, I am a girl with tools in my hands and fiber in my pocket. I think anyone would be happy with that, wouldn't they? So next SOAR, you will be showing someone how to use the tool, right?


What an amazing experience. Sounds like a blast.


Wow. Makes your mind bend...

We missed you at Rhinebeck, but of course, there was recovering to be done and small persons to cuddle. S'all good. It was too bad I didn't get to say hi again in person. Maybe next year? ;)

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