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Welcome home!!


Looking forward to hearing your tales. Are you going to make it through Rhinebeck?? :)


Welcome home! I am already dripping with gooey green envy, and you haven't even told us anything yet. (Although it does look like I'm going to make it to Rhinebeck, so I should shape up.)


I had no idea it was so dangerous!!

Marcia Cooke

Oh, I remember it well! By the last 3-hour retreat session, I didn't know my own name and seriously considered cutting class! It felt like squeezing a college semester into five days, and then there was Market. How good could "only twenty five" vendors be? Heh.


It sounds like you had a great time. So glad that you survived. :)


Once you've recovered, tell us more! It sounds fantastic!


It sounded like a wonderful time. Your synopsis makes me laugh. But yeah, what about the spinning?? Is this really stuff that can't be verbalized? Damn.


Welcome home! Rest well, my pet -- you have to conserve your energy for when you are bombarded by all of our questions! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Abby Franquemont

And yet nobody has spoken of "SOAR face."

For me, I reached the point you're talking about when I realized, Thursday afternoon, that it had been an extreme miscalculation to start the day with Margaret Stove on "Spinning For Lace" and then wrap it up with Carol Rhoades on "Spinning Big Yarn." By the time that day was done, I couldn't spin anything. At all. Not only had my *brain* lost it all, my hands (which know most of this crap better than my brain anyway) were on strike. It was like I'd blown out the transmission or something.

See you next time ;-)


I agree. I knew more about spinning before I got there too. It doesn't help that everything I thought I knew was wrong.

Rachel H

That line of Anne's is one of my favourite of the week. And applicable today as I try to do the thing where I earn the money at the day job. Most of me still needs more sleep, and the part that doesn't is distracted by thoughts of SOAR.

Beth S.

Welcome back, O tired one! :-)

Remember, that which does not kill you makes you a better spinner.


Ah, looking forward to hearing your tales of SOAR.


Thank you for the laugh-out-loud!


Hi from Margaret Stove country. I just love the Fig and Plum/Lion brand sweater knitted in cables. Where can I get the pattern? Please!

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