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That's the funniest thing I've ever seen. And though I haven't knit extra sleeves yet, I'm sure I will eventually.

Caroline M

Perhaps you've discovered the long awaited sleeve breeding programme?


Nice job beating the "second sleeve syndrome". Have fun at SOAR!!


Heh - that's when you know you're *really* into a project! At least you'll have enough yarn for sure.


Too bad you can't apply it as Sleeve Karma for next time you're on Sleeve Island.

Catie Phillips

The third sleeve is hilarious - even more so with the Adams family reference. I'm glad you will have enough yarn.


The Addams family picture SO makes it. Three sleeves? Now I'm not so worried about my memory anymore. Have a wonderful time at SOAR. *envy*


I sewed a shirt with three sleeves once, just for fun. I can't remember which arm had two sleeves, a front sleeve and a back sleeve, and I could wear either one and let the other just hang there. I wore it several times, but not one person ever said anything about the extra sleeve. Some people are just no fun.


I've sewed a sleeve in at the wrong place, but I've never ever knit too many. Could you be the first? Third sleeve syndrome. Hmmm. Doesn't quite have the same ring does it? Have a GREAT time at SOAR.

Linda D

I'm so glad you found that screen grab from The Addams Family...


Oh god, that is too funny. So jealous of SOAR attendees. Someday...anyway, have fun!


Well, better too many than too little. Too funny. Have a BLAST at SOAR.


MIght as well make a fourth at this point. :)


That deserves a standing ovation!:D


Oh no. Maybe it was a mini collar? LOL It is all so lovely. I love the colors.

Have a great time at SOAR.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Oh, that's too funny! I've knit more than two sleeves for a garment, but never without ripping one or more of them first!


I'm with the others. Third sleeve is too funny. That's a lot of extra knitting not to remember? On the other hand I open up boxes and suddenly remember projects (usually cross-stitch) that I didn't finish for my son when he was little. Hope he has a boy that likes Ninja Turtles, then I could finish it for someone.


Heh. I knit an extra clog once, but never a whole sleeve.

Have fun at SOAR!


Funny- harvesting yarn from a third sleeve to make the collar! At least you'll have enough! Have an awesome time at SOAR!


I guess that's what happens when projects stretch out... you're so certain they'll never end, that you subconsciously make sure they never do! Nice matching at the collar. :)




Funny about the sleeves! I wonder how you managed to do that. Have fun at SOAR!


Better three sleeves than one. :-)


ROFL, and thanks, Laurie in the comments - now I'm tempted to sew a shirt with three sleeves!

You're not all that far behind, either. Remember the old rule of thumb is "double the number
and go to the next order of magnitude." Thus a 7-day project should take at least 14 weeks (3 1/2 months).

Abby Franquemont

That rule of thumb from Tamar makes me feel SO much better.

Wasn't SOAR a total drag? Major bummer, nonstop all the time. Yep.

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