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Christos, that's pretty.


So beautiful! I used a very similar fabric for my bobble bag -- it makes me happy every time I look at it!


Oh, lovely...

One of my earliest memories is of my Dad putting up the chimney in our house. (There had been one that was removed, so they bought a salvage chimney that consisted of a numbered pile of rocks and a snapshot of the rocks assembled into a chimney...) I wasn't to go near it for the longest time, after it got up to the second floor, and I came home from visiting my grandparents one weekend to find Dad on the roof with the chimney built through.

Jen da Purse Ho

your colors are FABULOUS!!! you aren't going to felt the bag? :) I love the fabric you chose! :) i can't wait to see the handles on it!


The bag is gorgeous!!!!! Wow it is big.

Caroline M

That turned out to be a lovely shade of the Noro, the colours are harmonious rather than astounding. After felting I blocked mine on a bucket, it came out just right for a knitting bag.


It looks fab already. I can't wait to see it with handles on!


The picture of your wrapped house is complete. I vote (I know you didn't ask) for the felting.


It's looking good -- and that fabric is PERFECT!


It's gorgeous!!


It is fantastic. Felt it! Felt It! It is that or use it for a wastebasket cover. And the lining, I love it!


I'd be hard pressed to felt it, as it looks so lovely right now. But if its bigness means it won't get use then you must felt!

Mary K. IN Rockport

Wow, that bag is extraordinarily beautiful - and big. I love how the colors separated themselves. What handles did you choose? I suppose we'll see in a bit. I also have lost my faith in the infallibility of the mailman; ours leaves our mail with the neighbors and gives us theirs. We have to walk around the neighborhood getting things straightened out. An out-of-print children's book from Amazon came with a mail truck tire print across it. And he gets cross if we complain.

Linda D

Ooo! Bring it to knitting, would you? I'd love to see it! You could always felt it just a little bit...couldn't you? It's so purty....


Good gravy, that's big. Reminds me of the before picture of my trellis bag from Vogue a few years ago. Pre-felted, it was old enough to house a three-year-old.


What beautiful colors........LOVE that bag!


It's lovely! I can see how a bag like that would become an instant favorite.

Abby Franquemont

You can leave trash unemptied for months? In my house, if we tried that, the manchild would put... something foul... in there. And then we'd be mystified as to where the foulness had been hidden, and so that would result in the emptying of many things, wastebasket and otherwise.

I really, really like that bag. Even if it is big.


That's gorgeous! Just think of how much yarn you could hide in a bag that size. :P


It is a huge bag, but ever so lovely. I love how it turned out and the fabric, just gorgeous!


I love that fabric. I used it to make a notebook -- it makes meetings at work that much less painful.

Beth S.

Hot damn! That's some bag! :-) It would come in very handy at a fiber festival... you could probably fit a fleece in there. (Okay, a lamb fleece. And a spindle. And maybe a niddy-noddy.)


Oh my! That's one gorgeous bag!! And awfully big... but think of how much you can admire a thing that size. You'll have people stopping you on the street! Very nice. :)


I second Sarah's comment and cracking up. :-) Seriously I love it.


wow that bag is beautiful! the color, the pattern. and yeah, that's some serious size!

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