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Thanks for sharing. The woman you photographed in the sweater made of yarn a la Nancy Roberts is Cindy Lair of Schacht Spindle Co. Allison Judge is pictured in the vest designed by Kathryn Alexander.


Wow. Thanks for the pictures! You've convinced me to take the proper camera to Rhinebeck with me this weekend... See you there!


That's Margaret Stove's lace shawl with the hand painted border. You must have been gobsmacked when it passed through your hands in the lace spinning retreat session on Saturday. Either that or rebooting the neural network and missed it, which would be a shame, because it was incredibly soft (cashmere and silk) in addition to quite beautiful.

Beth S.

OK, I just made "SOAR face". It hurts a little, but in a good way.

Marcia Cooke

And let's not forget that Cindy Lair is talking to Judith MacKenzie McCuin! I know that SOAR face...I made it many times in Park City three SOARS ago! Mostly at the Gallery, but I almost passed out when they opened the doors to Market!


Ouch! You're giving me brain-warp.


Wait, let me catch up . . . I'm still stuck at the hand-painted Peacock shawl . . . Wow!

Rachel H

um, do I need to worry about what else you may have photographed on Saturday night?


Incredible. I am but an egg.


Wow!!! Lovely knits.


We all learned the SOAR face early on in our first visit. There is no cure for this affliction. Movement returns to those facial features only during the non-SOAR months and then returns to a mind-blown little 'O' of enlightenment. Didn't you see us all making that face at your lovely brown sweater?

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